Find joy today

Feeling Unloved and Unseen? Two ways to be prayed for.


I can’t tell you how many times I’ve received correspondence like this: I’m sure you hear it every day, all day, how your personal prayers seem to be just what we need for that particular time or season in someone’s life. & I am no different on this. This last year & 1/2 has been […]

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Why I give You Flowers Today


When I was an elementary school student, I remember May 1st fondly. We typically stapled decorated paper cones, then filled them with flowers. After school, we were to surprise a neighbor or friend by hanging that flower-filled cone onto someone’s doorknob. It was the reverse of “ding dong ditch” where someone rings the doorbell and […]

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When Leaders Fall


I’m sitting in my bed, second day in a row, battling the bronchitis beast that seems to have the most tenacious claws into my lungs. I’m tired of coughing. I’m tired of feeling sick. But that same overwhelm hits me square in the chest when it comes to the recent (many) high profile falls in […]

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Vote for your favorite art


A little art shop is in the works, and I would so appreciate your help. What are your top three favorites? Vote in the comments.  

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Why I Make Art for Lent


Some of you have asked me why I do art for Lent. It’s something I started several years ago, longing to do something proactive as I anticipated the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus. Somehow eliminating something felt less celebratory to me. It had become rote and drudgery, and I didn’t want to remember Jesus […]

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How to get Pray Every Day on any device


If you have Alexa (Amazon Echo), you can easily subscribe to the daily prayer podcast here. If you’d rather listen on your phone, follow these instructions. First, look at your phone. What kind of phone is it? This is important! To subscribe: Open up this post on your phone. (Well, you probably already have. Sorry […]

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Something very fun is happening today! I’m launching a shorter-format podcast where I pray for you every single day of the year. (Prayers appreciated for endurance!) The idea originated from my author marketing mastermind group when we had our yearly gathering.  And it’s connected to my latest book, Jesus Every Day. But, really, the passion […]

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The Word that Stopped my Heart


A few weeks ago, I had lunch with a friend in the publishing industry. He’s a veteran of publishing, a few years my senior. We caught up. We talked shop. But then he asked me what he could pray for. “Pray for my discouragement in this industry,” I asked. (And he must’ve prayed like the […]

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How to Pray Scripture


In my latest book, Jesus Every Day, I walk you through verses from every book of the Bible, then invite you to pray those Scriptures. So how does one do that? How do you read a verse or two, then pray them back? Here’s an example from Romans 1:1 “This letter is from Paul, a […]

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God welcomes your negative emotions


Yesterday I had the privilege of posting a devotion on Proverbs 31 about honesty with God. I shared about the time I hollered at Him after an ectopic pregnancy. Hundreds of comments poured in, and I read every one. Today as I responded to one of them, I realized something. I thought of some of […]

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