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Oct 27, 2020Find joy today

A little over three years ago, my 365 devotional, Jesus Every Day, released. In January of 2018, I attended my yearly Mastermind retreat, asking what would be a unique way to get the word out for the devotional where I basically prayed people through the Bible in one year. My friend Thomas Umstattd suggested a daily podcast using the same format.

Read Scripture.


Initially the idea of doing a daily podcast intimidated me. I was afraid I didn’t ‘have it in me to do something like that. I did know, though, that I adored praying, and I loved the Word of God.

One month later, on February 1, 2018, PrayEveryDay.show began. The format has not changed since then. I read a portion of Scripture, then I pray based on the themes of that Scripture for you and for the world. Currently we are reading as a community through the book of Genesis. Today just happens to be Genesis 26.

Thanks to Thomas, the masterminds who encouraged the podcast, William the engineer, and Christen Krumm who does social media heavy lifting. I could not do this without you. Thanks to the patrons (Patreon.com/prayeveryday) who support this effort monthly. And, of course, thanks to Jesus who has sustained this prayer ministry.

Pray Every Day has been downloaded 1.3 million times. That does not include the Amazon Alexa downloads which comprises most of my audience. We’ve reached over 150 countries, which is really the heartbeat of what I wanted to do way back in the day—pray for the world.

Friends, I’m speechless, grateful, humbled, and I feel so privileged to have prayed for you daily, one thousand times. Would you pray that the Lord would continue to place this podcast into the earbuds of those who need to know they’re being prayed for? I fear there are people in this world who believe zero people are praying for them. If you know someone like that, would you send them this podcast? (prayeveryday.show).

My heartbeat in ministry is that no one would feel isolated and alone, as if their struggles were only unique to them, and that they have to face this daunting world, a painful past, and current stress alone. Pray Every Day is my way to alleviate that isolation.

Let’s celebrate today with prayer. If you comment below with your prayer request, I’ll pray for you. You are not alone. You are being prayed for.

Bible + Prayer. It’s that simple.

Other cool things to know

If you’d like to have me pray IN PERSON for your prayer request on my next First Sunday episode (December 6th), click here to record your prayer request.

Did you know Pray Every Day is an app too? You can get yours on itunes or Google play. It’s the easiest way to listen.