I’m so grateful you’ve stopped by. Why? Because I truly believe in the beauty of speaking–where Jesus re-stories the ragged, heals the heartbroken, and sheds light on people’s dark stories. I have had the privilege of watching the Holy Spirit utterly, completely transform people. My desire is to see this kind of raucous redemption permeate your amazing event. Below is a sampling of my speaking:

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Philosophy of Speaking

A wee fact: I’ve been speaking longer than I’ve been published (since the bygone ’80s when a Flock of Seagulls sang “I ran”). I love sharing life-changing truths with audiences, watching transformation unfold as I speak. I’ve had the privilege of speaking around the country and the world, from Monaco to Minneapolis, South Africa to North Carolina.

Here’s my heart: I love to share about the transforming power of Jesus, to see people’s lives unfold into freedom and peace and healing. That’s what makes my heart come alive–seeing audience’s grasp a restored and re-storied life, full of impossible (yet now possible) joy.

Where Mary Has Spoken

Speaking Calendar

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Most Requested Topics

Side note for speaker coordinators: I happily tailor my speaking topics to the needs of your group. If you don’t see a topic here that works for your event, use the contact form at the bottom of the page and we will work on this together. I believe in the power of prayer as we mutually seek what God wants to bring to your congregation.

I help your group:

*Understand the Lord's Prayer and how to apply it to every prayer you pray.

*Find solace and strength from an invigorated, faith-energized prayer life.

*Discover the essential nature of prayer in everyday life
I help your group:

*Examine their past story and find audacious healing right now.

*Understand what it means to live a re-storied life.

*Think completely differently about their stories in light of God's great redemptive story.
I help your group:

*Discover how to tear down protective walls through The Lord's Prayer.

*Move from bitterness and unforgiveness to embrace an openhearted, freed life.

*Learn to run toward community instead of fleeing in fear.
I help your group:

*Discover they're no longer alone in their story.

*Uncover practical ways to move beyond their sexual abuse.

*Embrace a new, forward-thinking life, no longer enslaved to the past.

Speaking Endorsements

In speaking around the world, I’ve gathered sweet friends and a few endorsements along the way. I’m excited for you to meet them!

Ministry Leaders Say:

"Mary can speak to wounds in a way that few can but everyone needs. She is relatable and sincere and will bring truth in the spaces that feel most broken. She is gifted and God is using her in beautiful ways." Jennie Allen, speaker, author of Anything, the Prayer that Unlocked My God and My Soul
"Mary’s honesty, candor, and humor about parenting in a postmodern culture are incredibly refreshing. Brent Bounds, Director of Family Ministries, Redeemer Presbyterian Church – New York City
"Mary captured everyone's attention from the beginning, as she shared how good community heals bad community. She built and blended her message to meet the needs of our event and social media blew up with the challenge she left us with. God spoke through Mary right into the hearts of the people and we were able to raise over $100,000, which provides much needed funds to continue the work of Saving Grace." Becky Shaffer, Executive Direct and Co-Founder, Saving Grace in NW Arkansas

"Pastors and conference organizers would do well to bring in the fiery and engaging Mary E. DeMuth to speak. We did. First Mary stirred the imaginations of our writers’ community - and then she shared the keynote of our parenting conference - delivering with big impact to our conference’s parent participants. Mary has a passion that’s contagious." Aaron J. Kunce, Pastor of Married Life, Living Word Community Church in York, PA
"Mary DeMuth engaged personally as well as professionally with our women. She offered an authentic and powerful testimony and left us better equipped through solid Biblical teaching to live a life uncaged!" Pastor Dawn Bodi, Congregational Care and Women's Ministries, Evangelical Covenant Church
"As a speaker, Mary has that rare mix of wit, knowledge and experience that makes you lean in to listen. Add to these qualities her love for Jesus, and you have someone who presents grace and truth with undeniable depth." Kurt W. Bubna, Senior Pastor Eastpoint Church and author of Epic Grace

"Mary DeMuth held 100 writers spellbound! Her presentation was energetic, interesting, humorous and contained very practical information. It was outstanding, and we begged her to present the next year." Glynnis Whitwer, Editor, P31 Woman, She Speaks Conference

Audiences say:

  • “Thank you to MOPS International for inviting Mary to speak here–best speaking at the convention. God spoke great things through Mary today.” and “This is exactly what I needed to hear. I have a starting place to finally be able to grow from. This workshop made the convention worth it for me.” National MOPS convention attendees
  • “Mary’s workshops are unbelievable. I truly felt closer to Jesus as a result.” Mike
  • “Mary did a FANTASTIC job! I know there were people there who had never heard such a message who have been hurt very deeply with unspeakable acts of violence or cruelty. Mary spoke to them in a beautiful way about God’s saving power.” Phyllis
  • “I can, without doubt, say Mary moved me more than most pastors I’ve heard in the last forty years. She’s reopened the door of hope for me.” Debra
  • “Mary is very real. A good and entertaining speaker, valuable importation, appropriate for this gathering. Can we have her come back next year? She felt like one of us! Authentic, wise, insightful.” Retreat attender
  • “Such an amazing woman with an awesome message! I prayed, laughed, cried and worshipped.” Roseann
  • “This was my 8th women’s retreat. I have enjoyed most of the speakers. But none of them exuded ‘up-close-and-personal’ as Mary did.” Laura
  • “Mary DeMuth’s teaching hit me to the core like a power sword.” Cheryl
  • “Mary has a real gift and strength as a speaker. Her heart for evangelism comes screaming out at times, tempered with solid teaching and foundational truths.” Madison
  • “When I walked out of Mary’s talks, I felt like I’d been to church. It was rich, deep, and life-changing.” Staci

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