But how do I pray for my adult kids?

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When your children leave the nest, you quickly realize this truth: control is an illusion. As they venture from your grasp, the world beckons them toward adulthood, vocation decisions, and a brand new life. Gone are the days when you could coach our kids toward healthy decisions, unless they call or text, asking for advice. […]

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We Named Each Other


Last night my grandfather breathed his last. I was not able to hold his gnarled hand, could not sing songs of kindness over him. I prayed. Oh, I prayed. But I grieved from many states away. I gave him the name Bopo, which then became his grandfather name–all the grands called him that. And he […]

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Is Your Burnout Compensation for a Parent’s Lack of Love?


One of my favorite authors is Mark Buchanan. In a recent blog post, he shared about the life of Eustace Conway (a review of the book The Last American Man by Elizabeth Gilbert.) Conway lived an amazing life, and he produced and accomplished much. But this quote stopped me: “In many ways, he’s accomplished so […]

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Everything You Need to Know about Literary Agents (and what I’m looking for)

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I often get emails from people new to the traditional publishing process asking what in the world literary agents do and why are they necessary. First, there are several ways to see your words in print. You can hire a vanity publisher (many, many are scams, unfortunately) and they’ll publish once you pay–typically a lot. […]

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I’m a Literary Agent Now

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I am bursting with joy to share this exciting announcement today. It’s been in the works for a month . . .  I am now officially a literary agent with Books and Such Literary Management alongside Janet Grant, Wendy Lawton, Barb Roose, Cynthia Ruchti, and Rachel Kent. Though I am a words girl, I have […]

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Finding Hope in Crisis: A Review

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When we walk through a crisis, our minds have little capacity to ponder, think deeply, or even empower us to make small decisions. In crisis mode, we react to stress, with no margin to think proactively. 2020 has been a year of crisis. For me. For you. For us all. And sometimes in the midst […]

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Confession: I suffer from empathy fatigue

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Do you? Honestly answer these ten questions.​ Have you heard so many stories of pain that it’s difficult to hear one more?Do you feel like you’ve reached your emotional pain threshold?Have you experienced toxic systems (difficult boss, a confusing legal system, spiritual abuse in church, a broken family dynamic)?Have your efforts to change that toxic system […]

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Confession: I have writing regrets

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As I was teaching my Writer Mastermind groups this week, I confessed something there that I realized I should confess here at MaryDeMuth.com. I have career regrets. If I were to visit my younger writer self, I would’ve given myself a good talking to. Here are five things I would say: Just because someone tells […]

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Confession: I treat my yard like my childhood self

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I do not do well with indoor house plants. You can ask my daughter Sophie about this because she gave me very precise instructions about how not to kill my fiddle leaf fig, and it has already sported brown spots of death. Last week I was working in my yard, and I realized that I […]

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Confession: I collect Pre Experiences

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I am guilty of preparing to live rather than actually living in the moment. This is something God is unveiling before me this year, and it’s difficult to face. I’ll give you an example. This year we were able to finally realize a backyard dream of erecting a pergola over our really long table in […]

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