Want a restory?

Feb 15, 2023Find joy today, Heal from the past

We all want to live better stories, don’t we? I know I do. Part of discerning your new story is looking back on your past and figuring out patterns that were destructive and led you down frustrating paths. And it’s also helpful to celebrate the wins too.

Let’s just look back at 2022. Ask yourself seven questions:

  1. In what ways was I more selfish last year?
  2. What is one strong area of growth I experienced?
  3. What relationship do I have the most frustration about?
  4. What relationship surprised me in a positive way?
  5. What is my biggest regret from 2012?
  6. What am I proudest of from last year? Why?
  7. In light of last year, what do I want to change about myself in 2013?

To change your story and live a restory, it’s quite simple. You need Jesus. You can’t do this Christianity gig in your own strength. You can’t change your heart. You can’t bootstrap yourself, at least in the long term. You can’t rewrite old patterns.

That might sound depressing, but it’s actually quite helpful. Why? Because of this:

Growth comes from God, to those with surrendered, yielded hearts.

Want a new story? Surrender. Give those difficult relationships to Jesus and let Him take control. Let go of your need to control—even your own relationship with Jesus. Realize that growth comes simply from being rightly connected to Him. Remember Jesus’ scary, oft-forgotten words: “I am the vine; you are the branches. If you remain in me and I in you, you will bear much fruit; apart from me you can do nothing” (John 15:5).


Want a restory? Want to stop repeating the plotlines from the past? Then give everything up. Surrender. Ask Jesus to help you. It’s simple, but difficult. Beautiful, but risky.

Surrender prayer:

Jesus, I have regrets about my story last year. Some things didn’t go as I hoped, and I didn’t always handle things smoothly. I want to change. I need a new plot in 2023, but I know if I am the main character in my story, I’ll just repeat the old one. So would You be the hero this year? I give You permission to write an adventure. I take my hands off all the things I love to control, and I give you the pen. Grab it and write something beautiful. Restory my life as I surrender it afresh to you. Amen.