Welcome to the New Look!

Feb 14, 2023Find joy today

I’ve been quietly working behind the scenes designing and re-doing this site. I’m so thankful for how it turned out. Huge hugs to Stormhill media for assisting me. They made the transition from idea to live quite smooth.

In this place, I want you to know you’re seen, that the Lord loves you so much, and that there is hope if you’re suffering. I’ve maintained the restory theme because I do believe it reflects both what Jesus has done in my life and what he wants to do in your life as well. You are on the cusp of a brand new story, and the Lord LOVES to write new stories.

I am so grateful I’m no longer defined by my past. Yes, triggers come, and I have reminders of past trauma, but on the whole, I’m walking in peace and freedom. That came through years of prayer, counsel, community, and supernatural intervention. That’s my hope for you as well.

If you need prayer, definitely sign up for the 2 year personalized Monday prayers, or listen to Pray Every Day. I love to pray for you!

Thanks for stopping by this little space on the interwebs. May you find hope, perspective, and Jesus here.


  1. Jane Pritchard

    Loving your Monday mornings prayers and the newest site! Look forward to whatelse God has planned for you to do. Your such a blessing and God is so good. God bless Mary.

  2. Jannette

    Thank you, Mary, for your Monday prayers—so many are spot on!—your amazing, insightful and hopeful books. And now your Restory Website!, This email and your new Online Home, is just what I need. 🤍🕊🤍Going through the new story writing with the Lord for about a month now. It’s super hard, seemingly impossible at times, but also filled with SO hope and excitement. Moments of rest and peace too. ☺️

    • Mary

      Thank you so much!!! May that story of yours SHINE!