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But how do I pray for my adult kids?

When your children leave the nest, you quickly realize this truth: control is an illusion. As they venture from your grasp, the world beckons them toward adulthood, vocation decisions, and a brand new life. Gone are the days when you could coach our kids toward healthy decisions, unless they call or text, asking for advice. […]

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We Named Each Other

Last night my grandfather breathed his last. I was not able to hold his gnarled hand, could not sing songs of kindness over him. I prayed. Oh, I prayed. But I grieved from many states away. I gave him the name Bopo, which then became his grandfather name–all the grands called him that. And he […]

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Is Your Burnout Compensation for a Parent’s Lack of Love?

One of my favorite authors is Mark Buchanan. In a recent blog post, he shared about the life of Eustace Conway (a review of the book The Last American Man by Elizabeth Gilbert.) Conway lived an amazing life, and he produced and accomplished much. But this quote stopped me: “In many ways, he’s accomplished so […]

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