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Those Who Knew and Said Nothing Are Culpable

Last night I watched the Paterno movie (HBO films). While it is not a documentary, the film agonizes the watcher with every single side of the sexual abuse “debate” especially when it comes to institutional protectionism. Here’s the trailer: The entire movie grieved me, triggered me, saddened me. I see the bravery of the victim […]

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Poop Brownies and Predators

“We are all sinners,” people post when a sexual predator, who happens to be a Christian leader, is outed. Some other frustrating (albeit well intentioned, perhaps?) responses: “Let’s not cast the first stone.” “Gossip is a sin, so by posting or warning, you are gossiping.” “Judge not lest you be judged.” “Women should expect harassment […]

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From How To to Me Too

At the SoCal Christian writers conference, I had a conversation with a fellow writer. Something she said resonated with me. “We used to write how to books.” For so long our Christian living titles populating Christian bookstore shelves were didactic. How to be a better Christian–seven easy steps. Formulas for parenting. Tactics to have a […]

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Book Mary to Speak

Book Mary

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