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CreateSpace works! So crazy!

Last week I wrote a post about how I uploaded The 11 Secrets of Getting Published to CreateSpace, Amazon’s physical book printing arm.. I also uploaded Live Uncaged. Well, they’re quick, folks! Yesterday I received a box with both my proofs inside. How exciting! Both of these books have only existed in cyberworld, so to […]

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Upload your book to CreateSpace in 2 hours

Want to hold your book in your hot little hands? (Click to tweet). To physically handle it, to touch it, to be able to give it to folks who might need it? I’ve had the privilege of doing that many times now, but I haven’t yet held The 11 Secrets of Getting Published. It’s only […]

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write a book

2015: The Year You Write Your Book

Have you had a dream way down deep to hold a book with your name on the cover? Have you jotted a goal on your bucket list that included, Write a Book? Honestly, I never thought I’d hold my book in my hands. I didn’t think I’d get published. When I diapered and nurtured my […]

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Not Marked

Why Don’t I Just Go with Create Space?

One of the questions I’ve received a few times in regards to my Not Marked Indiegogo campaign is this: Why don’t you just publish for free via Createspace? That’s a terrific question. After all, I wrote a well-visited post entitled, “How to Upload Your book to Createspace in Less than Two Hours.” And I have […]

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22 Unusual Gifts for Creatives

Give the gift of intelligent thoughtfulness this year. A friend of mine urged me to write a post about some of my books as possibilities for Christmas gifts. Initially I balked, but then I thought of some of the other things I’ve found that are perfect for creatives. Mixing everything together seemed to fit me […]

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Need your help

I want to create things that help you. I want to see you live an uncaged life. That’s my purpose here. So one of the things I’m considering is creating a series of shorter books (100 page realm) about living uncaged. These would be for sale on my site, but could also be physical books […]

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These are a few of my favorite things!

{awesome stuff–intangible or tangible–that you might want} I’m passionate about helping you live uncaged and free. These are a few of my favorite things (I haven’t been able to find “whiskers on kittens” for sale…sorry). Bloggy things: Absolutely the best platform there is to wrestle up a blog. Woothemes. I love my theme, Daily […]

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Make a tweet list to save time!

I’ve been tweeting a long time now. I have a cadre of followers, and I follow closely a few awesome friends. Although I consider myself an efficient tweeter, I realized I could make my life a little easier if I compiled a tweet list, then drew from that when I couldn’t think of what to […]

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Keep Writing and publish your book

The journey to get The Quarryman’s Wife to print started a long, long time ago (though not in a galaxy far, far away.) In the 90s, I grew fascinated by my great Grandmother Mary’s life. I spent that decade researching her, talking to relatives, unearthing research, and talking to her when I could. I had […]

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Got my books in the mail!

Today I received my books in the mail. So exciting. Here’s a bit of the story. Watching the Tree Limbs and Wishing on Dandelions were my first PUBLISHED novels, via NavPress publishing. I wrote those books primarily when we lived in France. I wanted to show the progression of healing from childhood sexual abuse through […]

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