CreateSpace works! So crazy!

Nov 17, 2011Archive

Last week I wrote a post about how I uploaded The 11 Secrets of Getting Published to CreateSpace, Amazon’s physical book printing arm.. I also uploaded Live Uncaged.

Well, they’re quick, folks! Yesterday I received a box with both my proofs inside. How exciting! Both of these books have only existed in cyberworld, so to hold them in my hands felt truly sweet and amazing!

What surprised me:

  1. Apparently my PDF files of the inner words worked because they both look great.
  2. The 11 Secrets Cover looks amazing in real life. A huge thanks to Tekeme Studios for another great design.
  3. The Live Uncaged cover is a bit pixilated, but that’s because the cover was originally intended for e print only. Still, it looked really good.
  4. How quickly Amazon was able to turn around the copies.
  5. How amazing it felt to hold those books!

Curious? Here’s how they look:

Both covers side by side.

11 Secrets in the flesh.

The back of 11 Secrets (never seen before!). I’m thankful for George’s drawing of me! How fun!

The interior of 11 Secrets.

The back of Live Uncaged.

The innards of Live Uncaged.

The next step in the process is proof these, make changes, then publish them. I think I’ll be creating Live Uncaged in a smaller format, and I realized I forgot page numbers. Other than that, this has been a much easier process than I anticipated.

So my question to you is what is holding you back? What would it hurt to try CreateSpace if anything just to receive a proof and hold your book! There is virtually no risk other than paying about $6 for the proof. Click the link below to get started right now! 🙂
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