Why Don’t I Just Go with Create Space?

Sep 5, 2013Find joy today, Write!

Not Marked

One of the questions I’ve received a few times in regards to my Not Marked Indiegogo campaign is this: Why don’t you just publish for free via Createspace?

That’s a terrific question. After all, I wrote a well-visited post entitled, “How to Upload Your book to Createspace in Less than Two Hours.” And I have published a few books that way–The Irresistible Table (cookbook), Live Uncaged, and The 11 Secrets of Getting Published.

First, there’s the stat that the average Createspace author sells only 200 books. I’m not sure why that’s the statistic, and I have sold more than that (though not significantly more) with all three books. Still, I want Not Marked to have a great chance of reaching many.

But the main reason I’m pursuing offset printing is cost and my desire to be generous. Yes, it’s true Createspace is basically free on the front end, but the POD (print on demand) cost per book is significantly higher than the same offset printing cost. And the product is beautiful. It simply won’t look or feel like a POD book.

Yes, the downside is that I have to pay for the copies up front, but their lower cost per copy will enable me to give more away–both for promotional reasons and benevolent ones. I want to be able to gift Not Marked to ministries that need it. I simply couldn’t afford to do that with a POD platform.

To all who have asked this question, I so get it, and I appreciate you asking it.

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