22 Unusual Gifts for Creatives

Nov 20, 2012Heal from the past

Give the gift of intelligent thoughtfulness this year. A friend of mine urged me to write a post about some of my books as possibilities for Christmas gifts. Initially I balked, but then I thought of some of the other things I’ve found that are perfect for creatives. Mixing everything together seemed to fit me better. So here are some unusual gift ideas for the Creatives in your life.


For the person who has everything (but doesn’t really have Everything)

This can be part of the fun of the gift. If you give Everything for Christmas ($11.35), you’ve pretty much covered your bases. This is a book for the people in your life who really want to grow in their relationship with Christ, but are very, very tired of pat answers and the same old same old religious cliche. Everything sticks to the ribs, makes its way to the heart, and helps people close the book changed.

Kick it up a notch by giving them this link for a free PDF study guide.


 For anyone who likes graphic quotes:

Create a canvas for a friend who loves you or photography or pithy quotes. Simply upload your picture (I use picmonkey to create graphics with words) and wait for the masterpiece. Right now a 16×20 is only $19.20. Here’s a huge discount opportunity with Canvas People:

Here’s an example of what I’ve created:


For the artistically inclined who want something utterly out of the box and amazing

Bridget Beth’s amazing, beautiful watercolors make me so very happy. And they’d make such a perfect Christmas gift–an unusual and creative one. The one below is called “Green Gables.” Makes me want to jump into another L.M. Montgomery book. 🙂


For the twenty-something girl who loves a book-club-type love story.

My latest novel, The Muir House, is a perfect fit for her. (Cost $11.69) One reviewer said, “Willa Muir is one of the strongest twenty-something characters in modern fiction. Her quest to connect with her past before embracing the future will resonate with anyone who has ever left loose ends untied.”


For those who want their story told (or their recipes loved)

Do you have a friend or relative who has a manuscript or stories of their past tucked into a drawer? Why not surprise him/her with their book PUBLISHED. This actually doesn’t take a lot of money. You can read my post about uploading a manuscript to Create Space here.  And here are five things you need to know before you bring a book to print. You will change someone’s life this Christmas if you do this. And it takes so little cost. I got my first proof for around $9 total.

Or consider creating cookbooks of a family member’s favorite recipes using Create Space and giving them as gifts to everyone. Click the link below to get started.

Authors, Share Your Book with Millions of Readers


For the teenage girl who loves to read books that she cannot put down.

Watching the Tree Limbs. $13.99. This is my first published novel. It’s a rip-roaring, page-turning mystery set in an East Texas town, centered on a girl trying to fight her way out of a scary situation. This is not a book for 12 and under because of its subject matter. It has a sequel, too, if you’d like to give this as a set. Wishing on Dandelions. ($13.99).


For the gardener in your life who likes amazing-smelling hands

Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day Rhubarb Hand soap. $7.96. Oh my. I LOVE this stuff. I want to eat my hands after washing them.


For the Thespian who wants to wear a scarf but needs it to be creative and chunky

These cowl scarfs by Gussy Sews make me smile. They should make you smile too. Handmade & full of love and beauty.


For the Tween who wants a creative way to get to know Jesus

Around the Word in 60 Seconds. $11.69. This isn’t your typical devotional. It asks tweens (8-12-year-olds) to interact with real-life stories and Bible verses in creative ways. It’s real AND deep AND fun.


For the wildly creative decorator in your circle.

Large scale damask wall stencils. This one is $34.99. Use it to create a dramatic wall without the hassle of wall paper. (OK, I actually really want this. Hint, hint, family.)


For the writer who wants to finally publish that book.

The 11 Secrets of Getting Published. $13.99. This book represents EVERYTHING I know about publishing. Inside, include a bookmark with these links:


For the Chef in your life who loves unusual recipes and great cookbooks

The Pastry Queen Christmas $21.45. I adore her other books, and the recipes are amazing. (OK, another confession. I want this book!)


For the Book Club Queen (ah, there’s that word again) who wants to bring southern literary suspense to her next gathering.










Daisy Chain, A Slow Burn, Life in Defiance. This is the Defiance, Texas trilogy in order. The total cost for all three is less than $20. A bargain! This is a tragedy told from three point of views–a mystery that threads its way through a small Texas town, peopled with villains who appear to be heroes and heroes who appear to be villains. A strong redemptive (yet surprising) thread runs through all three.

The late Chuck Colson featured Daisy Chain on Breakpoint, his radio program. He shared this on air:

DeMuth is a Christian and an award-nominated novelist whose books often deal with issues of abuse. Yet at the same time, they intertwine themes of grace and hope. Daisy Chain tells the story of a young boy named Jed who’s struggling with both his best friend’s disappearance and his father’s abuse. On the surface, Jed’s father looks like the model pastor and family man. Only his wife and children know what happens at home when his rage spirals out of control.

DeMuth herself is a survivor of a different kind of abuse, having been molested as a child. Her goal in writing about abuse, she once said in an interview, is “to show folks two things: That God can heal even the most horrific abuse. And to educate parents and professionals about abuse.”

I’m not a big fan of “message” books, where the writer neglects his or her craft and just concentrates on pushing an agenda. But Mary DeMuth is not that kind of writer. Her books are beautifully and sensitively written, and her characters are realistic and well-developed. She has a true gift for showing how God’s light can penetrate even the darkest of situations, and start to turn lives around. Even her villains are not beyond the reach of God’s grace.

Perhaps one of the characters in Daisy Chain puts it best when she tells Jed, “Sometimes parents don’t act right. Sometimes . . . they flat-out do the wrong thing. If you let them wallow in that sin, don’t oppose it, you’re not really loving them, are you?”


For those who want to give the gift of education.

The Help One Now bloggers are daring to believe we can fund a school for a Haitian community by Christmas. Click the graphic below to make a huge difference. Nothing’s more creative than providing a safe building for children to learn, grow and reach their potential.


For intelligent and creative moms who are tired of fluffy books

I wrote Ordinary Mom, Extraordinary God as a thinking moms devotional–a marriage of Oswald Chambers and the busy woman. It’s my bestselling book. Sharon wrote, “I absolutely loved this book. I honestly wondered if she had been in my house. She nailed it every day. I laughed, cried, and looked to our extraordinary God for strength. I want to buy this book for every mom I know for Christmas!”


For those who love history and can’t seem to get enough of it.

At Every Turn by Anne Mateer is a wonderful read about a go-getter girl, racing, and 1913 life, and the promises we make to ourselves and to others. If you have a historical reader on your list, I know this book would truly, truly bless.

The Girl in the Glass by Susan Meissner. Delectable book about Florence, Italy where Susan melds the past to the present in a compelling, beautiful way.


For the creative who pushes against resistance

Beautiful Battle is my spiritual warfare book, written when we faced so much resistance when we lived overseas, but it’s also a study in perseverance, joy, and insight.

A bonus gift: Here is a FREE study guide to accompany the book.


For the person who needs a reminder about God’s goodness every time they create dinner (or breakfast or lunch or snacks)

I love these plates and bowls and mugs by Dayspring. I’ve bought many as gifts, and right now they’re 50% off. So fun!

The Life to the Full Collection is now 50% off!

BONUS: Everything in the Dayspring store (excluding Super Deals) will be 30% off with code: 30SUPER starting Tuesday, November 20th through Monday, November 26th.


For the person who wants to share their thoughts with the world but has a crummy or nonexistent blog:

I can’t say enough amazing things about Author Media. They created this site with all the bells and whistles. And they are fast, efficient, and responsive.

SPECIAL! Mention Mary DeMuth when you order your website (or your loved one’s site) and receive $100 off! Woot!


For those people in your life who look at Christmas with a creative eye and who love to read about memories of Christmas past.

A Scrapbook of Christmas firsts by my friend Leslie Wilson (and many more). This is a beautiful book, hardcover, and sentimental and lovely. I have a story in here. 🙂


For those who can’t help but write stories or draw pictures in their spare time:

A perfect moleskine–lined notebook of potentialities. So much fun! I use one of these every year for my daily calendar, but many folks jot their inspiration, thoughts and doodles. Such durable, happy books.


Now it’s your turn. What gifts do you love giving? What is your most favorite gift to receive? What did I miss on this list?