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Tell the truth? Or keep it in? What’s your advice?

An anonymous commenter commented on My Family Secrets recently. I thought I’d share his response and ask your opinion. What should he do? … Thank you very much for sharing your story. It sounds very much like mine. (more…)

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Preslaysa Williams’ Thin Place: Cutting

Preslaysa’s story reminds us that God can minister to us through others who listen to Him. **** I held the sharp blade, shaking. All my doubts and all my fears erupted as I carved a blood thin line on the inside of my wrist. “Help me Lord,” I whispered. “Why can’t I stop cutting?” I struggled […]

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Kimberly Simpkins’ Thin Place: Navigating Mental Illness in Marriage

For better or worse. In sickness and health. Marriage vows are easy to say and hard to live, as Kimberly shares in today’s Thin Place story. You can read more from Kimberly as she continues mining in marriage, motherhood and music on her blog, Mining For Diamonds.  (Remember you can share your Thin Place story […]

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Win Lisa Borden’s Life Changing and Challenging book

I know Lisa Borden from our time in France. We were fellow missionaries with Christian Associates International. While she planted churches in Portugal, my family planted in France. One thing held us together: we were writers. The moment I read her prose, I fell in love. Lisa is one of the most stunning writers I’ve […]

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Another incredible story that turned into a bestselling memoir


Last week I had the privilege of hosting Harry Bingham from the UK, discussing a breakout memoir. This week he shares an even more exciting story. This is proof that if you have a story to tell, don’t keep it in your head. Write it down. Here’s Harry: I wrote recently on this site about […]

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Win a free copy of Beyond the Mirror

My friend Ashley does a much better job of explaining her ministry to wives of porn-addicted husbands (and those in recovery), so I encourage you to watch her here: To have a chance at winning her free book, simply comment below answering, “How has God used something bad in your life for something good?” I […]

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Be an influencer for The Muir House


The Muir House releases July 1st. It’s a love story. It’s a lost story. All under one roof. In it I explore the idea of needing the truth from the past to be able to move on in the present. Willa can’t say yes to a marriage proposal until she unravels her past, but she […]

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Amy Hunt’s Thin Place: Looking for a Manual

“How am I supposed to pray? How am I supposed to forgive? How do I become a good Christian?” Amy’s questions were answered with grace, as she shares here and on her blog, “A Grace Full Life.”  (Your Thin Place story can encourage others. Here’s how you can share.) **** Ever since I was a […]

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Today I’m on the 700 Club!


{Picture: me + producer + sound & video gals. Love them!} I have no idea how my interview turned out, so I’ll be watching it alongside you for the first time. You can watch the testimony segment on TV or on the CBN website. Click the Watch Now red button. I pray this broadcast blesses […]

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From Pessimism to Optimism 1: I am happiest when …

I’ve worried whether I’d be a pessimist for the rest of my life. But, oddly, after our time in France, something paradoxical happened. I became strangely positive. But then I read the book Learned Optimism by Martin E. P. Seligman, PhD, and took a little test that bothered my little paradigm. Even though I felt […]

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