Win Lisa Borden’s Life Changing and Challenging book

May 25, 2011Heal from the past, Write!

I know Lisa Borden from our time in France. We were fellow missionaries with Christian Associates International. While she planted churches in Portugal, my family planted in France. One thing held us together: we were writers. The moment I read her prose, I fell in love. Lisa is one of the most stunning writers I’ve ever read.

But continents separated us. She and her family moved to Africa, and our family relocated back to the Americas.

This last fall, I attended the Cape Town 2010 conference. In many ways I felt stretched and encouraged. On my way home, I had a few hours to spare in the Johannesburg airport, so I stopped into the bookstore and looked around. That’s when I saw Lisa’s book, Approaching God! I bought it, then emailed her when I got home. It’s a treasure, as is she. Her heart is beautiful, and it’s apparent on every page of this little hardback gift book. It helped me long to be closer to God. It’s full of creativity and connection. I wish you all could have a copy.


One of you will. Simply comment on this post to be entered to win. Lisa will send you an autographed copy if you’re the winner.


Here’s the question I want you to answer: When was the last time you were reunited with an old friend unexpectedly? What happened?