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Erin McEndree’s Thin Place: Birth Mother

Erin’s story shows us how sometimes our earthly relationships give us a glimpse of our relationship with God. **** My thin place is a lady named Jeanette. She carried me for 9 months, but never held me. I never laid eyes on her, but always knew about her. For 36 years we, separately, thought about […]

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Shawn McVay’s Thin Place: Praying for Mom

Shawn succinctly shares her thin place in a powerful way. How amazing to serve the God who is near. ***** In 1997 my mom underwent colon cancer surgery. Due to having advanced lung disease the doctors were concerned about her going under anesthesia. Their concerns were valid. She came out of the surgery, remained on […]

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Win a free copy of Beyond the Mirror

My friend Ashley does a much better job of explaining her ministry to wives of porn-addicted husbands (and those in recovery), so I encourage you to watch her here: To have a chance at winning her free book, simply comment below answering, “How has God used something bad in your life for something good?” I […]

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France glimpse 1: without words

I’m revising some old posts from our time in France to give you a glimpse of what our lives were like there, as well as to highlight some of the lessons I learned. I still don’t write publicly about how our time went there, but I’m comfortable with this week’s glimpse. I’ve kept the comments […]

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Entropy and Housework

This is one of my old columns from the Rowlett Lakeshore Times a couple years ago. I thought I’d resurrect it for a little levity. This is what my kids looked like when I wrote that column! *** Somewhere in the back of my tired brain, I remember something I learned in college. I remember […]

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I made a paper wreath!


When I first saw this paper wreath tutorial at The Lovely Residence, I was smitten completely and determined to make my own. Her instructions at the site were perfect. Here’s my pictorial essay on how mine went. First I had to choose square scrapbook paper and glue two pieces together. (If you have reverse-able paper, […]

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From Pessimism to Optimism 1: I am happiest when …

I’ve worried whether I’d be a pessimist for the rest of my life. But, oddly, after our time in France, something paradoxical happened. I became strangely positive. But then I read the book Learned Optimism by Martin E. P. Seligman, PhD, and took a little test that bothered my little paradigm. Even though I felt […]

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Random Acts of Family


I thought I’d give you a glimpse into our lives today. These are iphone pics.     My lunch one day this weekend. Watercress, tomatoes, shaved romano cheese, oregano, garlic, salt, olive oil, balsamic vinegar     Not sure why this turned sideways, but this is Julia demonstrating that my book actually worked! Just look […]

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7 things that make me happy today


1 My kitty Madeline 2 My sweet dog Pippin 3 Our home in Spring 4 The redbud in our front yard 5 Emerging peonies 6 Lamb’s ear 7 My naked garden, waiting to sprout!

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Tammy’s Thin Place: ReRighting the Battered Pages

Stuck in a moment you can’t get out of? You don’t have to be. Tammy experienced God’s grace as she thought about her childhood. She blogs at If Meadows Speak, sharing stories of reclaiming  her family ranch and restoring her life. (Is God restoring something in your life? You can share your story here.) **** […]

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