Shawn McVay’s Thin Place: Praying for Mom

Jul 7, 2011Archive, Family Uncaged

Shawn succinctly shares her thin place in a powerful way. How amazing to serve the God who is near.


In 1997 my mom underwent colon cancer surgery. Due to having advanced lung disease the doctors were concerned about her going under anesthesia. Their concerns were valid. She came out of the surgery, remained on a ventilator and in a coma.

As the weekend got under way many people were praying for her. We five kids knew that this was the horror mom had always dreaded: living on a machine.

Sunday evening while sitting in church I received a call from the hospital. Mom had taken a turn for the worse and they weren’t expecting her to make it through the next hour or so.

I called all my siblings and we met at the hospital with the doctors. Her doctors were Christians and told us that it was now in God’s hands. The five of us headed to the ground floor of the hospital and found an unoccupied area. Each of us talked about our love for mom and each other. Then we took turns petitioning God for our Mom.

Never before and never since have we siblings come together and felt His presence like we did that night. We were there in our little world for several hours. Right as we were getting up to go check on mom one of the nurses found us with the news that she was once again responding to the treatment.

Mom came out of the coma and off the machine. She lived another 6 years. She lived her life to the end for Jesus. I miss her presence still today. I have several of these Thin Moments where God came near. Thank you for letting me share this.