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The Abused: The Church Must Do Better

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This is the speech I gave today at the For Such a Time as This rally. There is an unspoken and seldom articulated crisis within the SBC (Southern Baptist Convention) and the wider circles of the evangelical church. In the sunset of the attractional church model, we have succeeded in wooing many through our front […]

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Going Forward


When I think of these days, of men and women who have allowed (welcomed, in some cases) and covered up abuse, I picture that scene in the Gospels where Jesus takes a cord to the Temple merchandisers–His wrath preserved for people trying to profit on the Temple, making His house a den of thieves. Because […]

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An open letter to the SBC


Dear SBC (Southern Baptist Convention #SBC18), I spent this morning praying, asking God to please reveal Himself to the people I love, entreating Him to sift me, confessing my sins and thanking Him over and over again for His grace and mercy. I write this while on vacation, burdened again by difficult news coming from […]

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That Time I Crashed Like Elijah


Hi *|FNAME|*, The second annual (and possibly last annual) Restory Conference is finished. My friend Doctor Ralph from New Zealand reminded me of a good story today after I’d sent my prayer team a rather gloomy email about how I felt in the aftermath of Restory. (The conference actually went very well, but for whatever […]

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The 5 things you CAN control in a broken relationship


In anticipation of the Restory Conference coming up, I’ve written a post about the helplessness (and need for control) we may feel when navigating a difficult relationship. This year’s conference will deal with your relationships, and I’m SO excited to share some amazing stories of people who have overcome in this area of their lives. […]

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What happened to holiness?


Holiness means set apart, to be different. But as I scan the landscape of the church, so often I see sameness with our culture. The divorce rate is the same. People are sleeping together before marriage without so much as a blink of conscience. You see Christians swindling others (one stole our house when we […]

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2017 Lenten Journey


The past few years, I’ve created an art piece every day during Lent. It was my way of creatively focusing on Jesus in the days up until Easter. My husband and I host a Seder meal at the culmination of our collective Lenten journeys, and it’s full of rich imagery and amazing fellowship. Originally I […]

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We Can Differ, But We Can Also Be Kind


There’s an older essay by David Aikman’s essay in Christianity Today entitled “Attack Dogs of Christendom: Is this how to bring grace and savor to a crumbling civilization?” The pull quote says it all: “No attribute of civilized life seems more under attack than civility.” Aikman’s article is about our infighting, how we as Christians […]

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Is the American Church about the Gospel?


Recently, I remembered a piece I dissected in college, a short story by Nathaniel Hawthorne entitled, “The Celestial Railroad.” It’s a parody, of serious sorts, about Bunyan’s Pilgrims Progress, where in enlightened modern times, folks have taken to bypass such nonsense as a walking journey to the Celestial City in favor of a new railroad. […]

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A Crossless Christianity?


Since when did Christianity become crossless? Jesus said, “Anyone who does not take up his cross and follow Me is not worthy of Me” Matt 10:38. He tells his disciples about the mystery of the seed, that unless it falls to the earth and dies, it won’t bear fruit. Bonhoeffer reminds us, “When Christ calls […]

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