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Melissa Pickens’ Thin Place: Slave No More

Melissa continues the themes of this post on her blog, Breathe Deeply. She partners with her husband to bring the message of healing and restoration to people through Rally Point Ministries.  (Want to encourage others by sharing your  Thin Place story? Read here to find out how.) **** Several years ago, exhaustion found me lying […]

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Amy Hunt’s Thin Place: Looking for a Manual

“How am I supposed to pray? How am I supposed to forgive? How do I become a good Christian?” Amy’s questions were answered with grace, as she shares here and on her blog, “A Grace Full Life.”  (Your Thin Place story can encourage others. Here’s how you can share.) **** Ever since I was a […]

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Today I’m on the 700 Club!


{Picture: me + producer + sound & video gals. Love them!} I have no idea how my interview turned out, so I’ll be watching it alongside you for the first time. You can watch the testimony segment on TV or on the CBN website. Click the Watch Now red button. I pray this broadcast blesses […]

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Loretta Pearson’s Thin Place: God as Emotional Healer

Hurt happens. Healing can happen, too – even when the hurt is horrific. In today’s Thin Place story Loretta shows us we can receive God’s wisely gentle healing. (Has God ministered to you in a Thin Place? Want to share your story? Go here to read how.) **** I was only 6 months old when […]

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When a man says he’s sorry on behalf of those boys

I’d given my book Thin Places to the people at my table group at Cape Town. Towards the end of the 8-day conference, one of the men in my group approached me. “I’ve been reading your book,” he said. “And I’d like to talk to you.” We sat away from the hubbub. He told me […]

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Ginny Dodson’s Thin Place

Many Thin Places are born of adversity. Thankfully, healing is available through the grace of God. Visit Ginny’s photo blog at GraceGlimpses.com and her RamblinRose blog to see reminders of God’s goodness. (Would you like to share your Thin Place story? Here’s the info on how you can.) **** What was to begin a happy […]

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Giving grace to people who violate (and don’t recognize their sin)

I’m thankful to have a blog post up on The Washington Post about the Belgium Catholic Church scandal. You can read When Sex Abuse Isn’t Taken Seriously here. I can’t describe how angry I get when I hear about victims being ignored or shunned or silenced. Something akin to a holy roar rises up inside […]

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Sexual Abuse: Choose Your Enemies Wisely


Yesterday on my run, the song “Cedars of Lebanon” by U2 came up. The last stanza stunned me. It’s taken me a day to digest it, but I believe there’s deep truth for the victims of sexual abuse hidden there. The lyrics: Choose your enemies carefully, ’cause they will define you   Make them interesting […]

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The Mark Part Four: The Idol of Victimhood

This is a hard post to write and admit to. But it’s true. You’d think that someone who was a victim of abuse would shun that victimhood status the moment she realized it, flinging it as far as the East is from the West. Nope. I coddled it. Nursed it. Loved it to ragged death. […]

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10 Ways Sexual Abuse has Shaped Me.


In no particular order, here are ten things I’ve dealt with in the aftermath of being raped as a five-year-old: I have believed I have no worth, other than to be used for someone else’s pleasure. I’m thankful this has faded quite a bit, and Jesus has healed me of so much. Still, it lingers. […]

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