Today I’m on the 700 Club!

Apr 5, 2011Heal from the past, Write!

{Picture: me + producer + sound & video gals. Love them!}

I have no idea how my interview turned out, so I’ll be watching it alongside you for the first time. You can watch the testimony segment on TV or on the CBN website. Click the Watch Now red button.

I pray this broadcast blesses you, that my story will give you hope that Jesus is bigger than anything you go through. That’s my heart. That’s my desire. He has taken me–a broken, needy, hurting girl–and completely transformed me. I’m humbled and so thankful.

If you’re here from the broadcast, here’s a little more about me. I’ve written a few books; find them here. I also love speaking to groups. And I have a lot of free articles if you’re interested. 

One of my articles that may bless you is for those of you who suffer from childhood sexual abuse and, therefore, struggle in your marriage. It’s on the Christianity Today site, entitled “Opening the Door to Healing.”

The book I’ve written where I tell my entire story is Thin Places. You can receive the missing chapter of the book by signing up for my newsletter over there on the right of this post. If you’d like updates and chances to win books, head on over to my Facebook page and “like” it. (For your time and effort, I’ll give you printable recipe cards of our favorite recipes!)

If you’d like my abbreviated testimony, hop over here.

Mind if I pray for you?

Lord, I pray for the person reading this post right now that You would open up hidden wounds to the light. I pray for Your presence to permeate every dark, eerie corner and bring Your love and grace into those spaces. Do something brand new. May today be a beginning. Infuse hope where hopelessness reigned, joy where desperation crept, peace where turmoil loomed. You are the God of the great right now. Heal the past. Prepare my friend for joy in the present and hopeful anticipation in the future. Amen and amen.