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Don’t Chase Gurus. Chase Jesus.

I’m going to be starkly honest here. In my career I have one large regret, and it’s this: I’ve chased gurus far too much. Yes, I’ve prayed. Yes, I’ve relinquished. Yes, I’ve written and spoken the words I felt the Lord wanted me to share.

But when it came to marketing, I tended to run after anyone who touted a formula.

One time I even followed the advice of a guru that cost me several thousand dollars and merited not ONE speaking gig. In the meantime, through my personal contacts and amazing relationships (thank you, Jesus!), I…

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The Things I Need to Say

So you’ve been gone over a year now, and I thought of you as I was driving through Rockwall, of all things, how much I wanted to hang out with you, pick your brain, and process my life. We did this, you and me, usually over unsweet tea (that we sweetened with Stevia) and wood-fired pizza or that fig salad at Zanatas.

You may or may not know this, but I still talk to you, sometimes. In my head. I tell you what’s going on, and then I wait for your answer, or I try…

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I need your help.

I am realizing that “live uncaged” or “your life, uncaged” is a great brand, but it’s not specific. It’s a bit abstract. Yes, you can picture a bird flying from a cage, and hopefully you can imagine yourself soaring like that, but I need your help defining exactly what that means in a feet-to-the-earth, tangible sense.

In short, what does it mean for you to live an uncaged life, and how have I helped YOU to get to that place? Would you take a quick moment to answer these 6 questions? It would really help me…

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Far from Jesus?

This week I wrote about my anger with God. It’s pretty darn honest. And I continue to work through my frustration. I certainly haven’t arrived at a pretty conclusion yet, but I do know this truth: God is good. Whether I feel He is or not. Whether my circumstances dictate otherwise (in my mind).

Which goes to show this is a battle of the mind, isn’t it? And the heart.

In my anger, I’ve distanced myself from Jesus. And yet He so gently leads me back, closer to Him through compassion, through…

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3 Things to Do When You’re Mad at God

You may or may not know that when I started off this career (early 2004), I asked a small group of faithful friends to pray for me. This became The Writing Prayer Circle. They’ve grown from a handful to over 75 folks across the world who lift me up when things are difficult (seems like a lot lately), and encourage me, call me to account, and share truth in love. I’m where I am today because of this dedicated group of prayer folk.

Last week, I sent them this request:

I’m not sure if this is a…

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Trails of Tears

This comes from my book Everything. It’s my magnum opus on how to truly grow in your faith.

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The Curious Platform of Jesus

As I’ve been doing radio interviews for The Day I Met Jesus, I’ve more and more realized just how oddly different Jesus was when He walked the earth. He didn’t do things the way the experts wanted him to. He didn’t barge in and claim an earthly kingdom with flash and crash. No, his was a heavenly one, and it operated in a completely different way than everyone expected.

Imagine if PR people existed in Jesus’ day, and one had been assigned to him. No doubt, if Jesus was going to garner the exposure he…

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To the Unnoticed Ones

For those of you looking around at the success of others and wonder when your lucky break will come…

For those who search the Facebook images of smiling, happy people leading flawless lives, and feel small, smaller, smallest…

For those who toil unseen, worrying that your work is unnoticed and unapplauded…

For those aching inside fearing the best has past you by and your future looks bleak…

For those who envy…

For those who try to pry open doors that remain locked…

For those who fret that God takes no notice…

For those who are tempted to withdraw from the world because…

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Have you been Pooped on?

So I wrote a little ebook. 40 pages to be exact. About poop.

But before you look away in disgust, please hear me out.

When I wrote The Wall Around Your Heart, the title I kept calling it was What to Do After People Poop on You. The publishers weren’t too keen on that title (for obvious reasons), but I knew the metaphor made sense.

When we’re hurt, we feel like we’ve been pooped on. And we’re left with the relational mess to clean up afterwards. I’ve been speaking about this over a year now, and as…

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Special Announcement: My next book! Woot!

A few years ago, author Frank Viola told me about a book he wanted to write. Of women in the New Testament meeting Jesus. Real women. Real stories. And the impact these stories can have on all of us. He was searching for a fiction author to add life and vibrancy to these oft-read accounts, and, eventually, he asked if I’d be interested.

I was.

So we collaborated on what is now called The Day I Met Jesus. I wrote the stories, keeping close to the biblical narrative and holding good scholarship near heart and mind….

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