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Flourish Where You’re FLUNG


A favorite allegory of mine is Hind’s Feet on High Places by Hannah Hurnard. It centers on a character named Much Afraid and her harrowing journey to the High Places of God where healing is promised by her Shepherd. After much trial and suffering, Much Afraid tries to climbs up an impossible precipice. During a […]

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When God Seems Far, Far Away …


We’ve been through a lot this year. I try to downplay it in my mind, try to rationalize it all or say it wasn’t that big of a deal. But it was a lot. Job loss for Patrick (he now has a job!!!), job redirection for me, plus a few painful relational issues, a daughter […]

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Register now for the Restory Conference


Hi friends! The Restory Conference is going to happen! I’m so excited. I’ve been praying and asking for direction as I work through my messages. There are going to be a few surprises. Here are the latest details: Saturday, September 17th, 9-1 At Pier 419 at Lake Pointe Church in Rockwall, TX No lunch served, […]

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5 things to do when you don’t have the full story of your past


There are holes in my story. And the investigative reporter in me desperately wants to know the truth. I’ve asked all the possible people, plied for information, but I still have some pretty major questions about what happened back then. Because I have a strong memory, I remember everything from about four years old on. […]

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18 Reasons Why Julia Rocks!


Today is my daughter Julia’s birthday. She’s 18 years old. She’s a graduate, a friend, a daughter, a chef, a beautiful human being. Happy birthday, Julia! Here are 18 reasons why you rock! She is probably one of the most empathetic people I know. Similarly, she is keenly aware of people’s moods. She can read […]

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Very intriguing Stretch Goal


Today is the last day for the Restory Conference funding campaign. I’m so grateful that it’s been funded. Wow. Humbled doesn’t seem to convey how I feel. I’m grateful beyond words. Thank you to all of you who helped fund a dream. The campaign ends tonight at midnight. We’ve added one stretch goal–If we reach […]

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5 things joblessness taught me


Well, it’s not my joblessness. It’s my husband’s. We’ve been without his job since January now, and we’re learning so much. (Aside: As a writer, I don’t make enough to cover our expenses, so when he lost his job, it was particularly alarming). Oddly, and thankfully, I am grateful for this time. It’s helped me […]

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The Pooping Squirrel Principle


It has never happened in my entire life. In fact, I never thought it was a thing. I mean, I know they do it. Every animal does, right? Even people do. But squirrels? A few weeks ago on a walk, I noticed a stationary squirrel. And guess what he/she was doing? Yep, pooping. It was […]

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My Favorites: Lenten art 2016


I’ve continued my practice from last year of creating something rather than giving up something for Lent. For us, the Lent season started with loss, as my husband lost his job (and we continue walking in that reality). So much of what I processed with art had to do with worry, surrender, trusting God, and […]

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The Day I Met Jesus–Just $1.99


I’m grateful Baker Books is running a promotion on the book I wrote with Frank Viola entitled The Day I Met Jesus. It’s just in time to download for Easter! Learn about five encounters with Jesus, told through the eyes of women. These are actual women from the New Testament, women with stories and heartaches […]

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