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Have you been Pooped on?

So I wrote a little ebook. 40 pages to be exact. About poop.

But before you look away in disgust, please hear me out.

When I wrote The Wall Around Your Heart, the title I kept calling it was What to Do After People Poop on You. The publishers weren’t too keen on that title (for obvious reasons), but I knew the metaphor made sense.

When we’re hurt, we feel like we’ve been pooped on. And we’re left with the relational mess to clean up afterwards. I’ve been speaking about this over a year now, and as…

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Special Announcement: My next book! Woot!

A few years ago, author Frank Viola told me about a book he wanted to write. Of women in the New Testament meeting Jesus. Real women. Real stories. And the impact these stories can have on all of us. He was searching for a fiction author to add life and vibrancy to these oft-read accounts, and, eventually, he asked if I’d be interested.

I was.

So we collaborated on what is now called The Day I Met Jesus. I wrote the stories, keeping close to the biblical narrative and holding good scholarship near heart and mind….

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Should you stay the course or change the course?

2015 seems to be all about change. And trust. In fact, trust is my word for the year. If it’s yours, please feel free to steal the photo at the top of this post.

To be honest, I’m not so great at trust. (Well, to be even more honest, I’m terrific at trust IF I know what is going on around me, if there is no mystery.) But that wouldn’t really be trust, now would it?

Two Niggling Questions

Here are the questions God keeps throwing my way: Will you stay the course, or will you be willing…

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Chin Tilted Down? Read this.

My mom came to visit us before Christmas. We had an amazing, sweet visit. One of the things she wanted to do was to take our kids shopping. She gave them a budget, and then came along to see what each would choose. Our youngest, Julia, wanted makeup. So off to Ulta they went.

The saleswoman patiently helped Julia pick out what she wanted. One of the items was for covering up circles under your eyes. (I suffer from this too). The woman looked at Julia and said, “I want you to look at me.”


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Burdened? Fight back with JOY.

I don’t always fight back with joy.

But my dear friend Twilla did. Every single day of her cancer-ridden life, she found joy. And it changed me. It still does. I had the opportunity to spend some time in her home this last weekend. Her husband Johnny graciously allowed a passel of writers to congregate there. In the midst of creativity brainstorms, I remembered her feisty joy.

My friend Margaret also battled cancer, and she learned the power of uncovering joy in the pain. She was brave and strong (even though she’d probably…

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We Praise the Shimmery

I looked at my bank statement today and got that weird panicky feeling again. It’s silly, I know. God has this, right? But again, I worry. And then I commit the sin of Facebook, looking at all the shiny people doing all the shiny things–becoming wildly successful, living their best lives on the stage of social media.

And I want to give up.

And I’m so dang tired.

But there’s something deeper than that for me. Something beyond the quitting, the fatigue.

It’s that this crazy world praises the shimmery. It flocks to the flashy. It idolizes its idols….

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Do you yell at yourself?

I woke up this morning with that sickly feeling of regret, of shame.

And then I wallowed in it, nursed the words, called myself names.

Can you relate? Have you ever abused your mind and heart this way?

Here’s the silly thing, honestly. It was about a purchase I regretted that cost $70.72. A lot of money, but not enough to berate myself relentlessly about. (Besides, there is a remedy. It’s called TAKE IT BACK). But that’s not the point. The point is what goes on in my head after regret.

Words like, how could you? Why did you…

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Recap of 2014

2014 was a good year, workwise, but also frustrating and confusing. I did manage to finish three books, self-publish one (Not Marked), release some audio and ebooks, and speak a lot. As I settle in to rest these next two weeks, I’ll be taking inventory, praying, reading Scripture, and talking to wise people to discern what is next. I already know my word for next year will be TRUST. (Scary word).

I’m grateful for a new-to-me car, three kids who love me, a husband who thinks I’m pretty, and legs that run (well, er, jog). I’m…

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Please vote on a new cover!

I would really appreciate your help this week. I’ll have another post tomorrow with three other covers (for another book). Would you be so kind as to vote on a cover? Just tell me what you like in the comments. Thanks!

This is for my ebook Live Uncaged, which will replace my current cover on Amazon. It’s a shorter book about how to live the uncaged, freedom-infused life you’ve always wanted.








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Misfitten Me

When she craned her neck just so and smirked, I shuddered. It was a look I knew, a comical disdain. “I think it’s cute that you put eyeliner all the way around your eyes. No one really does that.”

I shrunk into myself. The scene? Backstage at a restaurant I worked in during college. The girl? A with-it waitress who personified cool to me. To have her backhandedly “compliment” me stung.

That night, I went home and stared in the mirror. I had no idea what I did with my eyeliner was wrong. And…

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