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How Folded Paper Will Change Your Life (It changed mine)


So grab a piece of notebook paper. I’m going to share with you something that truly changed my life. I did this exercise a few years ago at the prodding of a wise business coach. In the moment it helped me form a giant AHA, but its repercussions stay with me today, and they inform […]

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Your Silence Hurts Others


I’ve had the sad privilege of walking alongside some friends who are battling in some significant relationships. They teeter on the edge of breakup mainly because the other party will not tell an honest story and their painful past has caught up with them. So many of us believe the lie that if we hide […]

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My Body Shame Hurts Them (& Me)


So I was talking to my eldest daughter Sophie in the doctor’s office. She had graciously taken me because I’d been stung by a weird thing called a puss moth (ouch). I had been weighed as a part of the visit, and the number really bothered me. So I said it. To her. All these […]

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Be ALL Here


If you truly desire impossible joy, you have to be present. Remember that God is not the Great I Was. He is not the Great I Will Be. He is the Great I Am—the God of the present tense. All you have is now. And how you view your life right now will determine your […]

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Stingy = Unhappy


Money (and lack of it) brings stress. And managing our bills often feels like slavery, not freedom. Our relationship with money can either break us or bring great joy. My prayer for you is that you would dare to have a godly view of money. First, let’s put money in its place. “The love of […]

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Who is Your Goliath?


No doubt, there are some relationships in your life that are thriving, whose steady beat brings joy to you. But there may be some relationships that steal your breath and damage your heart. In order to experience joy, it’s wise to take a look at those difficult relationships that loom in your life. We marvel […]

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Two Words Series #2: Me Too.


This is the second in a three-week series camping on two words. This week? Me too. Writers, communicators, ministers, workers, disciples: the most powerful words you can evoke in a person are these: me, too. Writers, communicators, ministers, workers, disciples: the most powerful words you can evoke in a… Click To Tweet Receiving feedback from […]

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Here’s the Secret to Joy


The best way to improve your joy is one simple practice: rest. We’re on a sickening treadmill of accomplishments, tasks, busyness, and joylessness. Every year we increase the speed of our lives, all the while wanting to slow down. But society says we can’t, and we blindly follow its hurried advice. We don’t find joy […]

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7 Ways to Offer Grace to … Yourself


I tend to digest really negative thoughts about myself. Whatever mean-spirited words jump into my head, I welcome and believe them. Words like, “You’ll never amount to anything,” or “Who do you think you are to do ______,” or “No one gives a rip about you.” Am I alone here? Have you ever had thoughts […]

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Have you ever just wanted to be okay?


With permission, I’m sharing a letter I received that is so powerful, revealing the angst of healing from the past. I love her words, and I know you will resonate. Have you ever just wanted to be okay? … I read Thin Places, and many of the details are my same story: growing up in […]

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