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Confession of a Frazzled One–Do you relate?


It’s been one of the most challenging, unsettling weeks of my life, the kind where you feel everything’s been thrown heavenward, then spilled onto the ground in strange, confusing heaps. Shock is still circling around my brain, and I have a hard time thinking. I wish I could be more forthcoming, but I have a […]

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10 Traits of a grace-based friend

Three business partners keeping thumbs up

I sat up in bed last night, thinking over the breadth of my friendships. Because I’ve moved around a lot, I’ve had a few friends in different locations. Some of those friendships have remained, and as it often goes in this mobile life, some of those friendships have died away. I’ve seen just how important […]

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The year of subtraction


I’ve hesitated sharing this publicly, but you know me: Mrs. Disclosure. I figured it would leak out anyway. And to be honest, at first I didn’t like this word that kept worming its way into my life and heart last fall. Subtraction? Who wants subtraction? Addition, yes. Multiplication, yes. But subtraction? The more I considered […]

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God’s Timing: Terrible or Perfect?


This is a guest post by my friend Paula Moldenhauer, author of Soul Scents: Awaken She has been a faithful friend for many years, and she loves Jesus. I look forward to reading her new book. If you would love to be challenged and encouraged (all at the same time), pick up her latest devotional, […]

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What You Need to Know About Jesus


He is counterintuitive. When He builds His kingdom, He uses the strangest items: mustard seeds (so small), water (so pedestrian), remnants (clothing castoffs), leaven (not the bread but the bubbles that expand it), salt (elemental). And yet, we think that to serve Him, we must expand ourselves, make ourselves important and large and great in […]

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A Prayer for the Worried


“Worry weighs a person down.” Proverbs 12:25a What a perfect verse for this time of year where nerves are frazzled, money is scarce, and relationships are stretched to the max. I thought you might enjoy a prayer to pray over your worries today. Just say these words out loud, believing that your good God loves […]

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To You: I’m Sorry


I am learning. I am learning that pursuing Jesus and His will is different than blindly following advice. (Of course it’s good to follow advice. Proverbs tell us this, but that’s not the same as obeying advice without first weighing it). In my career, I am seeing that I could submit myself to all the […]

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How Folded Paper Will Change Your Life (It changed mine)


So grab a piece of notebook paper. I’m going to share with you something that truly changed my life. I did this exercise a few years ago at the prodding of a wise business coach. In the moment it helped me form a giant AHA, but its repercussions stay with me today, and they inform […]

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Your Silence Hurts Others


I’ve had the sad privilege of walking alongside some friends who are battling in some significant relationships. They teeter on the edge of breakup mainly because the other party will not tell an honest story and their painful past has caught up with them. So many of us believe the lie that if we hide […]

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My Body Shame Hurts Them (& Me)


So I was talking to my eldest daughter Sophie in the doctor’s office. She had graciously taken me because I’d been stung by a weird thing called a puss moth (ouch). I had been weighed as a part of the visit, and the number really bothered me. So I said it. To her. All these […]

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