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My Favorites: Lenten art 2016


I’ve continued my practice from last year of creating something rather than giving up something for Lent. For us, the Lent season started with loss, as my husband lost his job (and we continue walking in that reality). So much of what I processed with art had to do with worry, surrender, trusting God, and […]

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The Day I Met Jesus–Just $1.99


I’m grateful Baker Books is running a promotion on the book I wrote with Frank Viola entitled The Day I Met Jesus. It’s just in time to download for Easter! Learn about five encounters with Jesus, told through the eyes of women. These are actual women from the New Testament, women with stories and heartaches […]

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Hurting? Find someone to Encourage


Last week I had one of those DAYS. A day where circumstances went zonkers and my fragile heart (from our circumstances of late) nearly broke. In that moment, I remembered the advice of someone, somewhere on the Internet. May have been a meme. Might have seen it on Instagram. I’m not sure. But it went […]

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Apply for the Worth Living Launch Team


I’m looking for a few women (yeah, sorry guys, but this is a book written exclusively for girls) to help me launch my upcoming book, Worth Living. The launch team has been selected!

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That time I gave up


It probably sounds cliche. But during last week’s worship service, the words “I surrender all” flashed on the screen, and suddenly I had to stand and raise my hands and actually MEAN the words. I surrender all. My reputation. My writing. My control. My speaking. My relationships. My finances. My future. My, my, my. They […]

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When Life is a Shotgun


We’ve been walking on the road of joblessness for a month now. The call came suddenly, completely left field. And we’re wondering what it all means. My husband has been the breadwinner all these years, married to a writer who can’t always make a living with words. In that way, he’s been my patron of […]

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Bully: Pointing the Finger at Myself


I recently had an experience where I was bullied. Yep, at 49 years of age. This didn’t happen in a school yard (because that would be weird). It happened in cyberspace. The words flung my way were malicious, judgmental, and graceless. And although I made a point to delete them, I still feel the weight […]

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How to Live a Better Story in 2016


We all want to live better stories, don’t we? I know I do. Part of discerning your new story is looking back on your past and figuring out destructive patterns that led you down frustrating paths. And it’s also helpful to celebrate the wins, too. It’s time to take your spiritual pulse. Look back over […]

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When Cliches Just Make Things Worse


I am going through a wilderness season right now, one of those dark places you don’t know when the light will dawn, or how long the thick woods will conceal the sun. Something about that stripping makes me too raw for cliche, too worn for platitudes. “It’ll be fine. God will work it out.” But […]

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Confession of a Frazzled One–Do you relate?


It’s been one of the most challenging, unsettling weeks of my life, the kind where you feel everything’s been thrown heavenward, then spilled onto the ground in strange, confusing heaps. Shock is still circling around my brain, and I have a hard time thinking. I wish I could be more forthcoming, but I have a […]

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