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That time, that exact time, Jesus lifted me

A few weeks ago I wrote a post about feeling burdened...about a worship service, a song, a moment on my knees.

And today, I clicked through to a video of that song, not realizing it was the exact moment, the exact song, at my church. What a blessing to see it go viral.

Maybe today you’re carrying something too heavy. An anvil of pain on your shoulders, your mind, your heart. It’s so large it permeates your soul and crushes against you. It is the elephant in the room, only…

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Find personal victory . . . for $3.99

Just a quick, happy announcement that Beautiful Battle: A Woman’s Guide to Spiritual Warfare is now in ebook, and it’s rocking an awesome cover. Right now I’m offering the 230-page ebook for $3.99.


Beautiful Battle is currently available on Kindle, but if you have other devices, it’s totally cool. Simply download the Kindle app to your device. Here’s a very simple explanation on how to do that.

Here’s hoping your day is great, that the…

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What do I do about my anger at God?

If you’d like to hear me answer this question, click on over at the Uncaged Podcast here.

JS writes:

I too have found myself angry at God lately…and I have found it to be confusing because I know my need for Him and my love for Him, but as I start this healing process I find that my confidence in Him is so badly shaken. I listen to our pastor during worship service and preaching as he mentions the goodness of God, and I feel myself just shut down. I have 3 little ones….

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Wanting God Uncages Us {Guestpost by Lisa Whittle}

I’m so happy/joyful/excited to share with you my dear friend Lisa Whittle. Oh how I love her. Here we are, being friends:


She has a new book out, I Want God, that is a beauty. It’s challenging, amazing, and life altering.


I love how Lisa equates our wanting more of God to FREEDOM. And this blog and little spot on the interwebs is exactly about this. So, here, meet Lisa and her words:

It happens to me sometimes when I…

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God will be with you in cancer. Guest Post.

I’m grateful to have Vivian Mabuni with us today, sharing her very real struggle through breast cancer. I pray this chapter from her book Warrior in Pink blesses you. If you have a friend struggling with this painful diagnosis (or if you are), please pass it on, or take encouragement.

And Vivian has agreed to give one of you peeps a FREE BOOK! Simply comment below to be entered.


“And the LORD is the one who goes ahead of you; He will be with you….

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I’m Sick of Fame

At your funeral, you will not be known for your presence on a stage, but for little acts of seemingly unnoticed kindnesses. Click to tweet.

Dare to be small, friends. Dare to love when no one’s looking. Forget the platform. Forget the acclaim. Celebrity is a mirage, and a dangerous one at that. It impales your Christianity, saps you of your verve for Jesus, and makes you think You’re big when really only God is.

God looks at the heart, not the stature, not the splash, not the numbers, not the likes.

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How to Change the World: Be Messy You

I once had a friend tell me that I am too honest in my posts on the interwebs, that I needed to maintain my professional aura. Of course I do worry about Debbie Downer stalking me and being a crabby girl who is way too honest, but what I have discovered after writing over 2500 blog posts is that the posts that resonate the most with people are when I share my mess.

Why? I’m guessing it’s because my mess helps you not feel so dang alone about your own insecurities, worries, and stresses. My mess…

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A free Printable for your Fridge

I wrote these things hastily on Monday, realizing that I thought I knew so much as a kid, only to realize those things parents tell you are actually true (and that we have to learn them the hard way).

One of the things I’ve been doing lately (actually the past two years) is read the Proverbs every day. So much wisdom there. So much practicality. And many of these truths I write are informed by that two-year study.

Feel free to print this or share it or pin it. It’s a gift to you. And if you…

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The Secret of A Less Panicked Life

Have you ever given in to panic?

Boy howdy, have I. And it lead to fear-mongering in my heart and sin. Once, during a particularly vexing time when I faced an enemy of sorts, I panicked, retaliated in kind, and made a mess of things. My panic gave my “enemy” more fuel to hate me. Not a fun encounter, to be sure.

So I get panic.

I do panic.

I’ve languished in the land of panic.

But I don’t want to give into panic as I have in the past. Why? Read on.

Thankfully, God offers me a principle, a secret,…

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For those who shame-whip themselves

What if instead of berating ourselves for our failures and sins and besetting weaknesses, we remember that the sweetness of God informs our worth? What if instead of thinking, “God must be angry at me for all my struggles,” we think, “I am utterly grateful that He sees me as his beloved daughter/son. Nothing I do or don’t do changes His great affection for me.”

This is a game changer for me. Because my pattern has constantly been to knock myself over the head when I’ve failed, to yell at me like an angry, out of…

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