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Are you living in the tension of an unfinished story?

I’m reading through some of my 2500 past posts and sharing some of the most impacting ones (at least for me, and according to feedback from you. This one hit me hard (again) because I think we often live in the tension of an unfinished story. This side of eternity we will never experience “the end” to the best extent. There will always be longing. So what do we do in the meantime? This little article strives to address that.

I like “the end.” Don’t you? It’s closure, folks. A grand finale. It’s how I can…

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I thought it had died

So some strange/interesting things have happened with this little book about Spiritual Warfare. When I wrote it, wow, so much spiritual warfare swirled around me. My prayer team worked on overload to get me through it. Much of what I wrote about, I learned on the battleground of France where the spiritual warfare was thick and real. So writing it made me revisit some difficult things.

But then the book released, had its day in the sun, then slowly faded into black. The publisher took it out of print, then gave me back the rights….

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Are you in the sagging middle?

This summer I’m reading through some of my past 2500 posts (whew! I write a lot), and I came across this one that I think might just bless you. If you’re alive, chances are you feel like you’re stuck in the middle of something: parenting, career-ing, relationship-ing, life-ing. And there are untied ends, unresolved conclusions.

If you’re like me, you love certainty. I’m here to share that there is a way through: trust. I pray this post speaks volumes to you today and encourages you in the sagging middle. MD

The sagging middle. As a novelist I…

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Learn this: change your life

I’m perusing through my 2500 blog posts (Yep, I’m crazy), realizing just how much I need to learn. We’re all on a journey, right? But this post about a powerful word (see below) made my heart jump. Why? Because I’m actually DOING THIS RIGHT NOW. I’ve finally listened to my own advice! How fun is that? Learning to let go of the smorgasbord on your plate, leaves a less chaotic plate (and you less plump).

I pray this post from a couple years ago helps you take stock of what you need to let slide and…

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Your Unfinished Story

I ran across this post, and it eerily resonated with me, though it was written a few years ago. It made me think, I wonder if we all live with the tension of an unfinished story no matter where we are in life? Maybe the key is to live an adventurous, compelling story, even if the story threads aren’t neatly tied up.

I like “the end.” Don’t you? It’s closure, folks. A grand finale. It’s how I can continue on because I know one thing has ended and another has begun. I like my current story…

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When you have nothing to say

“Don’t make rash promises, and don’t be hasty in bringing matters before God. After all, God is in heaven, and you are here on earth. So let your words be few.” Ecclesiastes 5:2 NLT

So let your words be few.

I’ve been thinking about that this summer as my words have ebbed and I have so little to say. I don’t think it’s bad, though sometimes I panic a bit at the thought of it. I’ve always had thousands of words to write, to say.

But God has me in the season of falling back,…

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Goodbye, Companion

The word companion originates in the Latin via con(m) (together) with panis (bread). You can hear the French word for bread, pain (pronounced paan), in its pronunciation. The connotation is that a companion is someone you break bread with, share a meal with.

Oh how true that is.

When we first got Pippin our golden retriever, we had been back from France for a year. He was a rescue dog, very sweet, and he fit right into our eclectic family.

And he loved to break bread with us.

Well, not really break bread, but steal it and eat it.


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For the Love of Reading















{This is a guest post by my friend Claire Diaz-Ortiz, and it’s about something near and dear to me, something I do every day: READING. I pray it blesses you.}

Why You Should Read More

As a child, I loved to read.

In grade school, it was a relatively good thing. As I plowed through books like it was my job, my parents heard about how “advanced” of a reader I was. She reads at an 8th grade level! She reads at a 10th grade level! She reads like a college…

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Don’t Chase Gurus. Chase Jesus.

I’m going to be starkly honest here. In my career I have one large regret, and it’s this: I’ve chased gurus far too much. Yes, I’ve prayed. Yes, I’ve relinquished. Yes, I’ve written and spoken the words I felt the Lord wanted me to share.

But when it came to marketing, I tended to run after anyone who touted a formula.

One time I even followed the advice of a guru that cost me several thousand dollars and merited not ONE speaking gig. In the meantime, through my personal contacts and amazing relationships (thank you, Jesus!), I…

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The Things I Need to Say

So you’ve been gone over a year now, and I thought of you as I was driving through Rockwall, of all things, how much I wanted to hang out with you, pick your brain, and process my life. We did this, you and me, usually over unsweet tea (that we sweetened with Stevia) and wood-fired pizza or that fig salad at Zanatas.

You may or may not know this, but I still talk to you, sometimes. In my head. I tell you what’s going on, and then I wait for your answer, or I try…

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