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I wrote these things hastily on Monday, realizing that I thought I knew so much as a kid, only to realize those things parents tell you are actually true (and that we have to learn them the hard way).

One of the things I’ve been doing lately (actually the past two years) is read the Proverbs every day. So much wisdom there. So much practicality. And many of these truths I write are informed by that two-year study.

Feel free to print this or share it or pin it. It’s a gift to you. And if you…

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The Secret of A Less Panicked Life

Have you ever given in to panic?

Boy howdy, have I. And it lead to fear-mongering in my heart and sin. Once, during a particularly vexing time when I faced an enemy of sorts, I panicked, retaliated in kind, and made a mess of things. My panic gave my “enemy” more fuel to hate me. Not a fun encounter, to be sure.

So I get panic.

I do panic.

I’ve languished in the land of panic.

But I don’t want to give into panic as I have in the past. Why? Read on.

Thankfully, God offers me a principle, a secret,…

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For those who shame-whip themselves

What if instead of berating ourselves for our failures and sins and besetting weaknesses, we remember that the sweetness of God informs our worth? What if instead of thinking, “God must be angry at me for all my struggles,” we think, “I am utterly grateful that He sees me as his beloved daughter/son. Nothing I do or don’t do changes His great affection for me.”

This is a game changer for me. Because my pattern has constantly been to knock myself over the head when I’ve failed, to yell at me like an angry, out of…

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You may never be popular {but that’s okay.}

I posted this on Facebook yesterday, and it blew up (in a good way.) So I wanted to share it here, with you, my faithful, sweet, praying readers. I pray these words of frailty reach your heart.

I’ve come to the conclusion that God is sovereign over my career/writing/ministry/speaking. He can do whatever He pleases, whether I sell another book or not, whether I speak again or not. He is best glorified in me when I’m entangled in the lives of others, praying for them, welcoming them, all in REAL LIFE.


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Three Stories of Awesome

Today is my friend Twilla’s birthday, though I cannot celebrate with her. She parties on heavenly beaches right now. I wonder if she’s encountered my friend Mike. Or Dr. Willhite.

My calendar reminds me of a standing appointment I have with a friend of mine, only our lives and calendars haven’t allowed for weekly meetings—more like quarterly. Carla is a beautiful woman, widowed several years ago. She struggles. She works hard. Her life is full of pain. But she maintains her soul and loves me in such a beautiful, humbling way.

Her husband was Jesus to me.

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Burning out for Jesus

(Note: I wrote this a few months ago on Deeper Story as I was on the brink of burnout. This summer I’m taking a Sabbatical to help me reframe and rethink my life. Prayers appreciated!)

I wish I didn’t have to write this post. It’s a bit embarrassing, hard to admit to. I’ve often prided myself on being the girl who Gets. Things. Done.

This has worked for me most of my life. With the exception when I lived overseas on the southern shores of France and I lost my personality, my wherewithal. There, I struggled…

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Spring Free by Grieving Well

I’m grateful to have Jonalyn Fincher here today talking about a very important subject, one that I think we all need to consider. To live an uncaged life, we must grieve well. She is a philosopher, wife and mother who has grieved the death of close family members and life long dreams. She and her husband Dale lead Soulation, a non-profit equipping Christians to be more fully human.

Jonalyn Bio Pic

I’m delighted that Mary has given me a chance to talk about life uncaged. With the stories…

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Sabbatical and my Burnout

“A bird flying, never nesting, is soon plummeting.” Mark Buchanan (Click to tweet)

I’m the Live Uncaged lady. The soaring girl. The bird without limits.

Except that I’ve hit a big, fat limit, looming ominous limit in seven letters: b u r n o u t.

I can’t think straight, can’t strategize, can’t slow my mind down. My thoughts are at that critical point where I cannot make them do what I want them to do. I cannot focus. (And focus was my word for the year!)

I need rest, friends.

I spent time with…

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The problem with {my crazy} Imagination

If you are blessed/cursed like me, you have an active imagination. This can be good when you’re writing novels and creating storyworlds. But it has its dark side. (Cue Darth Vader music).

And for me, this always means cancer.

So I checked my voice mail, something I do about every three months on our home phone. As predicted, there were several political campaign ads, a few floor cleaning pleas (we must have dirty floors), and only two important messages. (Oops). One was from the place that did my mammogram, and it instructed me to call them back.


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We’re all Kittens on the Overpass

I drove up the high overpass crossing from one behemoth Texas freeway to another. I usually love the ascent, as it’s the only time I have a mountain-like perspective in Texas, a land (at least where I live) of little topography. So we climbed.

In the corner of my periphery, I spied a black clump on the cement guardrail to my right. I slowed slightly, keeping an eye out for the car behind me.

In a split second the clump morphed into a frightened black and white kitten, mewing and frightened on the apex of the overpass….

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