Feb 1, 2018Archive, Find joy today

Something very fun is happening today!

I’m launching a shorter-format podcast where I pray for you every single day of the year. (Prayers appreciated for endurance!) The idea originated from my author marketing mastermind group when we had our yearly gathering.  And it’s connected to my latest book, Jesus Every Day.

But, really, the passion for the podcast came after I moved back from France. Sometime around 2008, I began writing MIND IF I PRAY FOR YOU in the latter part of my monthly newsletter. There, I typed prayers for my readers. I did this consistently for several years, and throughout that time, I received correspondence (sometimes even snail mail) encouraging me to write a book with my prayers in it. I agreed. So I wrote a proposal, and it languished a few years. Eventually, Harvest House Publishers contracted the book, much to my delight! The devotional takes you through the whole counsel of Scripture (Genesis to Revelation). I pray for you every day based on that Scripture. In addition, I’ve created a freebie where you can receive a personalized prayer in your inbox every Monday for a year.

I love to pray. And I have loved the opportunity to pray for you via the written word.

So Pray Every Day is similar in scope–except I get to pray out loud! As I contemplated the idea, I wanted to give my listeners a more comprehensive view of Scripture, so I decided to go through a book or a chapter, verse by verse, followed by a spoken, spontaneous prayer. I chose Philippians because I have struggled with joy lately, and I wanted to pray those verses into my heart.

Here’s why I’m so excited. I’ve often told people I’d be happy if I could pray with others every day of my life. I love to see God transform folks, and I stand here before you today all because others dared to pray me toward health. While I love writing prayers, there’s just something powerful about speaking those prayers out loud.

So, tomorrow, Pray Every Day, the podcast, launches! I’ll start by reading Philippians 1:1, then pray. The next day? Philippians 1:2, then a spontaneous prayer. I cannot tell you how joyful it’s been and what a holy privilege I’ve experienced as I stand in front of my microphone and pray.

My greatest desire is that these prayers would reach beyond borders. Would you pray with me that Pray Every Day would touch people all over the world? I would really appreciate it. And if you’d like to help spread the word, click here for sample shares and tweets.

I’ll end with my favorite thing…

Recent Unsolicited Prayer Testimonies:

  • The Holy Spirit leads you as your prayers always hit my heart and soul as though you truly know me like only God does. You are truly gifted and are helping me. Maureen
  • Praise JESUS name for prayer warriors like Mary DeMuth and those who always lift up others in His mighty name. I am blessed to know you are praying for and with me. Brandon
  • Thank you so much for your very timely prayer this morning. I have been very low lately and trying to lift my spirits up by reading and meditating on the Word. This morning I prayed for God to lead me as I am very confused about my next steps. You prayed for God to resurrect broken relationships. I believe that is the answer to my prayer as I was asking God whether I should give up and let go or hold on and wait. Clarisse
  • Once again, thank you for praying so beautifully for me. I’ve passed it on to a friend. Carole
  • Thank you for your prayer. It’s like you looked inside me and how I grew up and how I am. Thank you for your words of wisdom and scripture! Mary
  • I am so thankful that you answered the Lord’s calling to send prayers and encouraging words by being so transparent. Patsy
  • Thank you so much for praying for me. I have been struggling with believing and accepting God truly loves me, my brokenness and all. I’m praying this year I grow strong in the Lord and truly become the woman of God I so long to be. Myrna
  • Thank you for such a beautiful prayer. It brought tears to my eyes—good tears. I pray that God would enable and strengthen you in this wonderful ministry. Cathy
  • Thank you so much for your prayer. I struggle a lot with anxiety and depression, and so this message hit home. On the outside I always seem fine, but internally its a daily battle. Delee
  • Thank you Mary for praying for me. You pray like you had been seeing all the challenges that l am facing. Joseph at Juba South Sudan
  • Thank you for this prayer, Mary. It spoke life to me. Denise
  • Thank you so very much for this prayer for me this morning; this is so very much what I am feeling I am needing right now. Nicole
  • I cannot believe you hit it right on! It’s exactly what I been feeling, though I know I have to release all to HIM. Donald
  • Oh, how I needed this today! My heart is heavy and my anxiety is high and your prayer seemed to come directly from our heavenly Father. The tears are flowing and giving me relief and release! Thank you! Nancy
  • You have no idea how spot on this prayer is for me today! Thank you!! Kim
  • Oh my. I cannot tell you how much these prayers have meant or how relevant they are. Stacy

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