Introduction to the Pray Every Day Podcast

Jan 29, 2018Pray Every Day Podcast

I’m so excited to share my heart about this new podcast–Pray Every Day, where I walk you through the Bible, verse by verse, then spontaneously pray for you–connected to the devotional, Jesus Every Day (Scripture, prayer).

Praying for others has been one of the greatest joys of my life. And truly–I’ve experienced so much healing through the gift of other people’s prayers. I am able to joyfully walk in freedom because others dared to pray me toward healing.

Now I want to return the favor. Every day, I’ll share a verse, then I’ll pray for you. It’s short and sweet, so you can include it in your daily routine. We will begin tomorrow in the book of Philippians, starting with chapter one verse one. The following day? Philippians 1:2. We’ll work our way through the entire book, and then I’ll choose another book or chapter to pray through.

Today, in episode zero below, you can listen to my heart behind the podcast. I pray this podcast encourages you, and my hope is that it will reach to the ends of the earth. Would you pray for that audacious goal?

Pray Every Day
Pray Every Day
Mary DeMuth

Pray through the Bible verse by verse with Mary DeMuth. When life overwhelms you, unburden yourself through prayer and experience God's nearness. God is listening.


  1. Peggy

    Thank you Mary! Thank you for such an inspirational and refreshing way of praying through God’s Word – Philippians is a wonderful book to start. I received this in my email and so glad I clicked over to listen both your 1st day of prayer and your heart in this introduction. I don’t do Facebook, Twitter, and the other social media forms but I so agree with your ministry and praying out loud, speaking forth God’s truth. I appreciate the prayers you send and your podcasts. I think that I shared on Google+ but I’ll check soon because it showed me as following and I hope that others follow Jesus in prayer with you (this is my intention and choice for the next two months and year: to pray the promises of God with a couple of prayer challenges, a devotional book i just got and a new Bible called the Prayer Journey Bible). God bless and prosper Pray Every Day and you. Thank you again.

    • Mary DeMuth

      Thank you Peggy for listening. I so appreciate it.