Philippians 1:1

Feb 1, 2018Pray Every Day Podcast

Mary is reading Philippians 1:1 from the NLT.

Pray Every Day
Pray Every Day
Mary DeMuth

Pray through the Bible verse by verse with Mary DeMuth. When life overwhelms you, unburden yourself through prayer and experience God's nearness. God is listening.


  1. Myriam Tuttle

    WOW I am the 1 that leaving 99 aside the Lord through you chased after today and I cannot believe such great love towards a hurt rebel like me.

    Somewhere around 2011 I prayed Glorify yourself my Lord and in 2013 my husband physically assaulted me, I failed to put him in jail right away. He took advantage deceived the church and use it to abandon and divorce without legal or biblical grounds for it leaving our 2 daughters then ages 8 and 5 without their mother and primary caretaker. My eldest daughter was diagnosed with PTSD a whole year after that.

    June/2017, one month after I had been named employee of the month at a job I have hold now for almost 3 years, he wrote again telling me he had both girls misdiagnosed and medicated. His way of saying: “even if i could not make you crazy, I will drug them into insanity and name that a hereditary syndrome, that way you still end up being who I always said you were”

    And then just Dec/17 my eldest daughter was found at risk of self harm. I had zero contact with her since Aug/17.

    Five, five years surviving the unthinkable, definitely the proof that there is a God and He can do all things. STILL at the end of my rope, worn out by a fight for justice that caused him nothing but to be more abusive with the girls just to hurt me, I did not want to pray anymore. I got run over at the family court again, nobody cares to listen is not -never was- about me but the undeniable path of destruction his passive aggressive abuse has produced over the girls hearts and minds… worse, their spirits as he still takes them to church without feelings nor remorse for anything he has done to us. The ocassions when he has most violently reacted is when that self made image in “his” family or church was threatened.

    A mother’s heart does not cease to sing to her kids “I am not giving you up, nothing will harm you” but truth is you are not God and even though He is truly almighty and loving, the torture continues under His sovereign sight…. and I do not, cannot not want to understand.

    “May I pray for you?”

    Yes, you may…. and against all me, I thank you in advance for your intercession and Our Heavenly Father for the result.

    • Mary DeMuth

      Myriam, I am SO sorry you’ve walked through this hell. Jesus, please help Myriam know that You love her and are healing her. Please bring her children to YOU. Help her to know You are in control. Amen.

      • Myriam Tuttle

        It is not in vain to be a partaker of Jesus’s suffering. Regardless of
        what happens here on earth, I still have the comfort that girls and I
        got heaven promised and not us but Him who knows and has seen it all
        will carry all three of us there. It is still heartbreaking, beyond my
        flesh to resist. I have forgiven below the extract of email sent to him
        as late as Nov/17, and keep praying the Lord would turn willingness to
        obey into true forgiveness and thereby freedom. Until the day I can
        witness and glorify Him for that, thank you again for reaching out,
        today you were an instrument of saving grace.

        “One of the first therapists that saw me after the break up gave me “The
        Shack” to read and tonight, per suggestion of another girlfriend angel I
        have, I watched the movie.

        have done this many times before but most vividly and recently after I
        left grandmas house (April/16) and right before she passed away.

        Regardless of the pain and hurt and anger that I myself experienced and I still feel.

        Out of Love for God, big boss grandma T, my darlings K and L

        I forgive you, I forgive you, I forgive you…
        as i lay my love for the girls, your mom and my own, my motherhood,
        myself where the Lord wants me to lay it all down, I forgive you…

        … I will keep repeating it a thousand times until grace makes it true. Please forgive all I did, say in pain for you and i, the girls and my own family, myself.

        Great is our Lord and mighty in power. Truth and love have triumphed.

        YOU ARE F R E E”

        • Myriam Tuttle

          Praises to the One and Only true God, there is only One victorious one in the end of the road and is NOT the one who kidnapped that man to do all this 🙂

          • Mary DeMuth

            Amen. Thank you for being vulnerable with your story and your faith.