Odds and Ends

Oct 4, 2006Find joy today

Odds and Ends: I took this picture in Paris last winter. I just LOVE this photo of a photo because you see folks with arms raised, experiencing freedom on the backdrop of a barred fence. What a contrast. If you are living in a prison of sorts, meditate on this picture. You can be free. By God’s grace, you ARE free.

Odds: Today’s interview with Michael Snyder (aka Snyderman) is very fun. He asks the most hilarious questions, like whether I like pictures of myself. How weird is that? Anyway, for a bit of comic relief, hop on over to “Gritty and Bright” and leave a comment or two. It’s a quirky, different interview.

Ends: Don’t know why this is considered an “end,” but I interviewed novelist and parenting author Tricia Goyer over at Pioneer Parenting. She has some interesting things to share. You can read the interview here.

Odds: Oh, and don’t forget to write a limerick to win Ginger Garret’s book! Scroll down or go here. So far Artist Erin is winning with the only (but very clever) entry. A free book, folks!!! What’re the odds?

Odds and Ends: Speaking of both, yes, it’s time to reduce my end…Yep, I’ve started running again. I bought one of those pedometer thingies in Dallas and am now trying very hard to make 10,000 steps a day. Monday I made it to 8,840 steps. Tuesday I was naughty and didn’t wear it (I must’ve stepped only 500, the sloth that I am) and today midday I’m at 4017, thanks to a run in the morning.

What IS it about gaining weight in your thirties? I gain it, but it won’t come off! So, hopefully, with all this stepping (and trying to end my addiction to sugar), the weight will come off. Camy Tang calls this TMI, but I figure it’s good for me to show the blogosphere my trials and triumphs at getting back into shape. Sort of a cyber-accountability-club. I huffed through two hilly miles this morning and hacked my way home. My poor lungs sound like they smoked for years!