Wishing on Dandelions–For Teens

Oct 1, 2006Write!

I surf along on the blog tour, checking out people’s comments. Today I came across a comment from Jen’s Zippity Blog. Commenter Erin Valentine said this about the book. It blesses me to think this could be a good classroom book for teens:

“I’ve just finished reading this book and loved it. When I taught English,
I was often worried that the young adult novels would try to depict “realistic”
situations for the young ladies – cutting, date rape, incest. What disheartened
me is that none of the commercially successful books in most classrooms shared
the grace of God and the necessity of having him for true healing. This book
would be a terrific gift for any reader, but I would especially love to see
young women reading it. If they have suffered the same pain as Marantha, they
will find a likable, admirable ally. If they know or meet someone in the future
who has suffered abuse, they will have some of the right answers to share if
they have read Wishing On Dandelions.”