On Joel’s Mailing List, Apparently

Oct 4, 2006Find joy today

So, yeah.

My friend Joel has found me. In cyberworld. He sends me all sorts of important pieces of information. Like today he sent me this tidbit:

Joel will be in Tampa for two evenings of worship, bringing a message of inspiration, hope, and encouragement to your city.

We are looking for volunteers to help us make these events a great success! We invite you to be one of 300 volunteers each night for the upcoming An Evening with Joel. As a token of our appreciation, we provide two free tickets and a special gift.

Can’t be a volunteer? Don’t miss this exciting time of worship, praise and hope with Joel. The music of Cindy and the Ensemble will inspire and encourage you. Purchase your tickets now:

OK, so let me get this straight. I could volunteer to be an usher or something of the sort (which would cost me an arm and a leg, coming from France), OR I could PAY to hear Joel speak. I wonder how much the Gospel costs these days?? Oh, but wait! I get a “special gift.” That should make it worth it!