Meet Cara Sexton! You’ll love her. {& a giveaway}

Oct 21, 2011Kingdom Uncaged, Work Uncaged, Write!

I have the privilege of introducing Cara Sexton to you. She and I will be attending the Relevant Conference next week, and we both feel privileged to do so. We both won a scholarship to go! If you browse around the Relevant 11 website, you may just want to come yourself! Well, next spring, Relevant is offering that to every single interested person. It’s called In{rl}, which means In Real Life. All you do is gather some friends to watch a simulcast, hang out, eat great food, and have your own amazing conference. I’ll be hosting. How about you?

Now on to the joy at hand. I’d like you to meet Cara. I’ve asked her some quirky questions so you can know her better. She blogs at Whimsy Smitten and has a great heart.

Cara, what is the best meal you’ve ever had?

My husband took me along on a work trip to Las Vegas and surprised me by sweeping me into an elevator that led to the fancy-shmancy restaurant inside the Eiffel Tower at the Paris Hotel.  I ordered Beef Wellington in a red wine reduction that was absolutely to-die-for.  That was years ago and I can still taste the flavor of that meal.  The surprise romantic gesture certainly added to the appeal, but the fabulous food made for a perfectly wonderful evening.

What blog post have you written that’s garnered the most response?

Interestingly enough, a post I wrote about my $2.34 laundry room makeover  has been the most traffic-heavy post to date.  Admittedly not my typical subject matter these days, but hopefully it gives some advice to others looking to spruce up their home on the cheap.  Stay tuned for more home decor posts as soon as I have a home to decorate (we’re house hunting now, so happy prayers for work, ).

If you could write a book on anything (and it would be guaranteed to sell first to a publisher, then to the world) what would it be about?

I would tell my story… about life, about pain and coming through it, about being a housemom and parenting other people’s children, and about the holy redemption that always, always gives a purpose to the wild ride that is this life.

How much wood could a woodchuck chuck?

Hopefully enough to throw in the fireplace and warm me up.  I just moved from Texas to Oregon and there’s a northwest  October chill in my bones, today.  Are there woodchucks in Oregon?  What is a woodchuck anyway?  Is it like a beaver?  How come I’ve never heard of a woodchuck anywhere in the world, ever, except in that bizarre-o little nursery-rhyme-y tongue-twister thing?  And who came up with that, anyway?  And why?  And what about “She sells seashells by the the seashore”?  Ahem.  Sorry.  The cold is, apparently, getting to me.

Describe your typical day.

I don’t think I have a typical day.  Every day is different for me, especially in the midst of this transition phase my life seems to be in now (new state, temporary living arrangement, new work, new opportunities, new ideas, new surprises), but every day includes some writing, some silliness, some time-wasting on the Internet, some loving on my  amazing husband and three kiddos, a lot of laundry, a lot of coffee, and a little angst over all the things I ought to be doing.

What do you love most about Jesus?

I love most about Jesus… the way His peace reaches right through the imperfections, the doubts and hurts and regrets, past the bustling busyness and fruitless worry, and grips my heart with extravagant love, quiet assurance, exuberant joy, countless blessings, and unconditional acceptance.  Wow, what an awesome God we get to enjoy. ‘

Now it’s your turn to answer the last question: What do you love about Jesus? You’ll automatically be entered to win this dry erase memo board from Dayspring. Isn’t it scrumptious?

Yesterday, Michele introduced me over at her blog and next Myra at the Casabella project introduces our next Relevant Friend! Stop by and enjoying hanging out with all of us!