Where did the Sun Go?

Oct 22, 2011Find joy today

Today’s post is by Rachel Wojnarowski who writes a blog entitled My Mess … His Success. I have a feeling her words will bless you today!

Last week the weather shifted and suddenly, lazy days at the pool and watermelon–slurping lunches disappeared from the immediate horizon. The haze of typical fall/winter weather for our area settled in and four or five overcast days initiated a bit of gloom on my personal outlook forecast.

Just being honest.

The weather can affect us so strongly. The feelings evoked in my soul simply from a cloud formation, ray of sunshine, or the steady dripping of rain are real and rise up either in agreement or dispute.

Imagine the awe of the Israelites during the Exodus as they looked at God in the form of a pillar of cloud, following Him. I wonder if their minds doubted even as they followed this fluffy white puff or if this pillar of cloud was more like a tornado, powerfully whirling, yet fully controlled by the Spirit of the One who dwelled inside. How cool would it have been to be a witness to that cloud transforming into a pillar of fire at night! I wonder if there was a gradual change throughout the evening as the dusk began to fade or if at first moment of true darkness, the cloud burst into flames and became a pillar of fire instantaneously. Either way I’m sure that this transformation was better than any fireworks show man has created. The point is:

our emotions are attached to the weather in a fickle relationship.

Last week, my two baby girls and I were in the van and a sudden cloud blocked the sun so drastically that Toddler T exclaimed:

“Mama! Where did the sun go?”

And I answered:

“The sun didn’t go anywhere. The clouds are blocking it.”

Back to the Israelites, God had given the visual pillars of His presence for their benefit. Their human desire for tangibility was created by Him and He lovingly understood their need for this closeness, a physical manifestation of His presence. Inevitably, there were times that they did not receive the benefits of His presence because of their own cloudy, sinful ways.

Sometimes our circumstances are heavy. The weight of their burden begins to blur our vision. Perhaps even blatant sin is blocking our personal relationship with Jesus and we find ourselves asking:

Where did the Son go?

The Light of the world, who so desperately wants to be close to us, who shines far and wide so that we can see…where did He go?

Perhaps you need to look around.

HE hasn’t gone anywhere.

There are some clouds blocking your view.

Won’t you look around them today? Ask for their removal.

He will show you the way.