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90% off ALL my writing products


This short and sweet post highlights ALL my digital writing products. You’ll get them all for a heavily discounted rate for one week. Yep, just until next Tuesday August 8th. Here’s what you’ll get: Learn how to strategically launch your book–a checklist of nearly EVERYTHING you need to do it well. For those struggling with […]

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What’s your corncob?


When our youngest, Julia, was two, she broke her arm, thus inaugurating her era of arm breaking. The first break involved a corncob. She sat on her big girl chair, vice-gripping said corncob like it was gold, and she a hungry prospector. Butter dripped between her fingers, and she smiled. “My corn,” she said. Except […]

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Do you have a book in you?

Do you have a book in you?

After much angst and prayer, I’ve decided to bring my writing intensive to the states! (I’ve only done these overseas!) I’m opening this up in response to several of you who have asked for it. So if you’re writing a book and you’d like intensive mentoring, consider signing up for the Mentoring Intensive January 30-February […]

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Are you living the red tape or the red carpet life?


I awoke from the dream with the words red tape and red carpet floating through my mind. I couldn’t remember my dream, but the words lingered in the dawn. As I readied myself for the day, it all made sense. For far too long, I’ve been living a red tape life, as if opportunities and […]

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Like Them


“We want to be like the nations around us.” 1 Samuel 8:20 8 words. Spoken by the Israelites who looked around and saw something they didn’t have: a king. All the other nations had one, why not them? Isn’t that where our discontentment starts? We want to be like the others, like them, like that […]

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Writers and Speakers: Do we need a New Kind of Mentorship?


I wonder… if people who want to share a Jesus-message have mentors who will steer them toward the kingdom of God rather than the kingdom of the way things work in this world. I wonder… if perhaps we’re chasing after advice that seems to be logical but emaciates the soul. I’m grateful that there are […]

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What You Need to Know About Jesus


He is counterintuitive. When He builds His kingdom, He uses the strangest items: mustard seeds (so small), water (so pedestrian), remnants (clothing castoffs), leaven (not the bread but the bubbles that expand it), salt (elemental). And yet, we think that to serve Him, we must expand ourselves, make ourselves important and large and great in […]

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7 Traits of Great Speakers


I’m a speaker. I make a living sharing about Jesus in a wide variety of ways—teaching classes, keynoting, shouldering weekend retreats. Because of this, I’ve also connected with many speakers and watched their lives and presentations. I’ve been able to see what makes up an amazing speaker. Here are 7 traits of great speakers: One. […]

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How Folded Paper Will Change Your Life (It changed mine)


So grab a piece of notebook paper. I’m going to share with you something that truly changed my life. I did this exercise a few years ago at the prodding of a wise business coach. In the moment it helped me form a giant AHA, but its repercussions stay with me today, and they inform […]

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Novelists: 1 Easy Question


This is a guest post by Susan May Warren, my awesome novelist friend, to celebrate our compilation BARGAIN book on writing. If you’re an aspiring writer, longing to be published, pick up your awesome purchase of 99 cents here! So, here’s Susan! Oh and here she is: me, Rachel Hauck, Susie, and Tracy Higley. … […]

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