From my broken heart

Nov 7, 2014Heal from the past, Kingdom Uncaged

Sometimes I wonder if brokenness can ever be complete? Because there are days when I feel like I can’t be broken any further, only to have another branch of me snap in two and fall to the earth. Do you relate?

I remember what J. Scott Horrell shared with Patrick DeMuth and I after we returned from France. We were broken beyond what I thought I could endure. His words salved me. He said, “Nothing significant in the kingdom of God happens unless death occurs.”

So when you snap in two (again) and you wonder aloud why it’s happened and keeps happening, please remember that God breaks us for better things. For significant kingdom work. He brings us low so we will reach high. So He will get the deserved glory when we finally see the light again.

Life has taught me that A + B does not = C. You can do all the evangelical formulas, step through Christian hoops, and that does not guarantee a painfree life. On the contrary, it may mean further brokenness.

But there is a sweetness that comes knowing God walks alongside when the breaking happens. And we understand that the most harrowing trials we experience become the very crux of future ministry.

I am in that place. That broken, broken place. I don’t see my way out, though I know way down deep that pain is seasonal and springtime will come as sure as the seasons turn.

Broken me reaches for the broken Savior who understands it all. Who embodied death before resurrection.

In the meantime, I sing this song:

And I internalize the lyrics of this song: