When I Set Down Lent Painting

Mar 5, 2024Archive, blog

You may have noticed a lapse in painting videos recently. This is the explanation. Sometimes you have to say no, especially when something becomes a have to rather than a want to.

I have loved painting for Lent, but this year is different. It became more chore than joy. So I’m letting that go, at least for this year.

Sometimes you have to let go of a self-imposed obligation and rest from it, let it lie fallow. And sometimes the Lord wakes you up one day and you realize you’re doing something only because you’re making yourself do it.

While I am so hopeful that our church situation will change, and that feeling of grief will subside, right now it’s pretty tender, and my soul is weary.

Perhaps this post can be permission for you to treat yourself with grace and compassion, particularly if you’re walking through a difficult time.

Friend, you are worth taking care of.