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From a reader of my recent posts about boundaries in relationships . . . about predators

From Iona–a guest post by a blog reader: Here are some lessons I’m finding must be taken to heart. These apply to perpetrators in general. 1. Touch Tests: A perpetrator will test your reception of his presence. A perpetrator may be attentive to the story of your past. He may wink as he evaluates your […]

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Sexual abuse and predators

What do these two things have in common? Today I posted over at The Master’s Artist about another touchy subject–how someone’s “mark” from sexual abuse tends to invite predators, even in the Christian writing business. You can read the post here.

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First Freedom Friday . . . Forgiveness

Come check out the first Freedom Friday post over at My Family Secrets here. I have a sneaking feeling that a lot of Freedom Fridays (how folks found freedom from devastating family secrets) will deal with forgiveness. Also, I’m looking for more Freedom Friday stories. My Family Secrets gets a lot of traffic, so if […]

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