Restory Show Inventory


In case you’d like to know ALL the Restory Show episodes, here’s a list from the current to the first. Season Three Season Three Episode 3 Thomas Umstattd Season Three Episode 2 Rachel Anne Ridge Season Three Episode 1 Mary DeMuth Season Two Season Two Episode 20 Paul Lanum Season Two Episode 19 Aaron Graham […]

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A Huge Difference between Good Advice and the Good News


Patrick and I have lots of talks, and I’m grateful we land in the same place theologically (most times!). In the course of life, we come across messages given to audiences that stir us, cause us to repent or see the kingdom of God in a new light. These thrill us! I love pondering deeply […]

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3-6 – Anna Le Baron

anna Play in new window | DownloadSubscribe: iTunes | Android | RSSAnna LeBaron is a woman with an amazing story. We met at a writers conference a few years ago before she started writing this book, The Polygamist’s Daughter. I’ve had the privilege of reading and endorsing this book, and I’m also thankful for my […]

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Don’t let a trip to the library ruin your book dream


Do you have a story? I believe you do. And because this is the Restory site, I believe you have a (re)story to share with the world, too. But maybe you’re afraid. Or intimidated. Or tired (it happens). But if you’ve ever wanted to write your story, then hold it in your hands in the […]

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3-5 – Laura McClellan

laura Play in new window | DownloadSubscribe: iTunes | Android | RSSLaura McClellan is a lawyer and an amazing podcaster at The Productive Woman. (Be sure to check it out). She’s also a novelist, a mom and a wife who has an amazing story of survival. How Our Stories Intersected Laura and I met at […]

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Healing from Trauma is like the Bends


I received this email from someone who is reading Not Marked. She is working through healing from past sexual abuse. A counselor is helping her, as is the book and workbook. I’m so proud of her. I’ll call her Molly. Her words were so wise, and her metaphor so apt, I asked her if she’d […]

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Why I wrote Not Marked


I recently received a sweet email from a reader named Lesa. She summarizes so beautifully why I wrote the book Not Marked: Finding Hope and Healing after Sexual Abuse. She writes: Thank you for writing in my opinion one of the most authentic revelations of the personal struggles and journeys of a childhood sexual abuse […]

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3-4 – Vonda Vestal

vonda Play in new window | DownloadSubscribe: iTunes | Android | RSSVonda Vestal is a dear, dear friend of mine who is a teacher and a speaker. In fact, she spoke at the Restory Conference last year, making a huge impact with her story. (She’s blurry in this photo because that girl can PREACH, and […]

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How is your foundation?


Recently, I received a thoughtful email from my friend Susan Stanley. She is one of the most beautiful writers I know. I asked her permission to publish her words here because I know they will bless you. Dig Down Through the Muck by Susan Stanley One of my favoritest of favorite books I own is […]

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2017 Lenten Journey


The past few years, I’ve created an art piece every day during Lent. It was my way of creatively focusing on Jesus in the days up until Easter. My husband and I host a Seder meal at the culmination of our collective Lenten journeys, and it’s full of rich imagery and amazing fellowship. Originally I […]

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3-3 – Thomas Umstattd

umstattd Play in new window | DownloadSubscribe: iTunes | Android | RSSThomas Umstattd is a dear friend of mine who runs Author Media, works for a media company, and wrote this book: How Our Stories Intersected Thomas and I met at a writers conference, where he was teaching writers about social media. We became good […]

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