Season 2 Episode 18 – Anna Smit

anna Play in new window | DownloadSubscribe: iTunes | Android | RSSAnna Smit is one of the authors I met in Geneva last year at the writers intensive. She has a heart to see others set free because she has her own story of emancipation. Below is a picture of her, her daughter, and her […]

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Is Your Burnout Compensation for a Parent’s Lack of Love?


One of my favorite authors is Mark Buchanan. In a recent blog post, he shared about the life of Eustace Conway (a review of the book The Last American Man by Elizabeth Gilbert.) Conway lived an amazing life, and he produced and accomplished much. But this quote stopped me: “In many ways, he’s accomplished so […]

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Season 2 Episode 17 Chris McGregor

chrismc Play in new window | DownloadSubscribe: iTunes | Android | RSSChris McGregor is the husband of Restory Show guest Yanci McGregor. Together they have planted City Church in Montreal, Canada. He has a passion to see his native country know Jesus Christ. After a stint at Dallas Seminary (the same time my husband was […]

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The Joy of Completed Work


As an author, I experience the thrill of feeling God’s pleasure as I write. But I also go through dry times, difficulties. This new year is one of those times. I’m thankful for dear friends and a prayer team who encourage me through. I’m thankful for Jesus who speaks words of insight into the situation. […]

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Season 2 Episode 16 – Kathi Lipp

lipp Play in new window | DownloadSubscribe: iTunes | Android | RSSKathi Lipp is an author and speaker who loves Jesus, her husband, and her life. She is one of those people who you want to meet for coffee. She’s prolific, conscientious and really, really fun. She and author Cheri Gregory just released Overwhelmed, a […]

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Quit Trying So Hard to Become Someone You’re Not (Guest Post)


I’m grateful to have my friend Cheri Gregory here today. Together with Kathi Lipp, she wrote the book Overwhelmed. Can you relate to the title? And isn’t the cover pretty? Scroll down below for a chance to win this book (just by sharing and commenting!). And now onto Cheri. … “You seem especially high maintenance,” […]

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My Word for the Year: YES


Last year’s word, well, it was something! S U B T R A C T I O N. It was a word I knew deep in my bones, one that had teeth, particularly around the end of January when Patrick lost his job. Always the humorist (with a strong dose of DRY), he told me, […]

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Season 2 Episode 15 – Tracy Higley

higley Play in new window | DownloadSubscribe: iTunes | Android | RSSTracy Higley is a business owner, novelist, and an all-around thinker and inspirational person. She’s actually one of my favorite people. I relate to her on several levels, and she has been someone in my life who has helped me rethink the way I […]

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Happiest of Birthdays, Sophie!


Normally I wax poetic about my child on a birthday, but this year I decided to share a photo essay with you. This year, my daughter Sophie and I had the privilege of traveling to Switzerland and Germany. She came as my assistant, and taught writers in Geneva, and helped me as I spoke in […]

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I need a Mary Moment


My husband once taught about the two Gabriel encounters in Luke chapter one, how he came to Zachariah and then to Mary. Although the text says that both responded in similar ways,  (They both basically said, “Um, how can this be?”) Mary garnered favor and Zachariah garnered muteness. Why? And what implication does that have […]

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