Why I Love Soul Per Suit (and teenage girls)

Jan 24, 2009Heal from the past

Responding to the narrow gate passage of the Sermon on the Mount. I’m struck by just how narrow the path to follow Him really is. This now sits next to my keyboard.

This is in response to Matthew 5:12. I am bewildered at times by persecution, but Jesus says here to rejoice and be glad. Lord, help me rejoice! 


I have the privilege of discipling/teaching five tenth grade girls (including my daughter.) We eat chocolate, share our hearts, and pray. Sometimes we worship. We have great discussions. Right now we’re studying the Sermon on the Mount via Sandra Glahn’s excellent study Mocha on the Mount. If you’re looking for a deep, amazing, and life changing study, pick one up today.

The really fun part of the study is that Sandra and the gals at Soul Per Suit have created a companion study using small-scale art projects. You can see the studies here.

The girls and I responded to what we read by creating wee little art projects on playing cards. You’ll see my artwork above. Responding to Scripture by creating something is one of the most amazing ways I’ve learned to connect with Jesus. I strongly encourage you to take a look at the Soul Per Suit galleries and be inspired. I promise you, your devotional life will be changed.