Encouragement across the pond

Jan 26, 2009Write!

I received this email on a day I needed to hear it:

Message: Dear Mary,

Just wanted to send you a few lines and let you know how much you’ve encouraged me as a mom.

I was at an all time low end of last year…living in Ireland, away from family, burdened by ministry,…I was racked with failure and guilt every day! It was just before Christmas 2008 that I finally cried out to the Lord to be my Encourager and to give me the strength and resources to, not just carry on but be the mom I really want to be.

Within 24hrs He landed your book “Ordinary Mom, Extraordinary God” in my lap! Mary, I read the first few chapters and wept…it felt so good to realize the things I battle with are normal and need not be overwhelming. Every time I got discouraged, I’d pick up your book and read a little bit…it felt like sitting down with a friend over coffee and having a much needed chat. You’ve kept me company these last few weeks!! I wish I could meet you in person!

I’m recommending the book to all fellow christian moms in Dublin and around.

Thank you for what you do!

In Christ,
Julie (mum of Emily-Faye, 4, and Caleb, 20mths)