What words!

Oct 13, 2005Find joy today, Write!

This relates to the grace for moms post below. I was reading today from Mike Mason’s Practicing the Presence of People. For those of you plagued with the specter of self-condemnation, relish these words:

“When it comes to guilt and condemnation, we should all regard ourselves as alcoholics. One little sip of the stuff goes straight to our heads and we lose all perspective. In our younger days, perhaps, the effects of our addiction didn’t seem so ravaging. We thought we could handle it. But now the dragon has caught up with us. We have a progressive, fatal illness for which there is only one cure: Don’t take that first drink! Stay away from condemnation! One sip ruins our freedom (page 73).
I don’t know about you, but I want freedom! I need it. Long for it.
If only I could stop sipping!