Ode to Frode

Oct 13, 2005Family Uncaged

Wireless internet, yahoooooooooooo!

We’ve languished eight months without wireless internet. It worked for a few months and then mysteriously malfunctioned and nothing we could do would bring it back.

So, we’ve been battling computer time. And I’m on deadline. And the kids need to check emails and play funny Barbie-baseball-runescape games. And Patrick needs to do research. And did I say I was on deadline?

So, it’s been stressful.

A few days ago, a mom at school spoke (in French) to a lady about something, but I couldn’t catch the drift of it. She kindly explained that she sold routers and this lady had bought one.

“Routers?” I asked.

“Oui. And I set up wireless networks. My husband writes software for them.”

I nearly hugged her (a no-no. The French KISS, not hug).

So today her husband Frode came over and did some sort of magical keyboard tapping and modem configurating. In an hour or so we were up and running!

So here is my Ode to Frode

Sharing my computer’s been a heavy load
A tenuous and winding computer road
We’ve languished beneath strings of code
Until we met our new friend Frode

If you have wireless today, hug it!