We’re giving Aidan Water for His 13th Birthday

Feb 1, 2009Family Uncaged, Kingdom Uncaged

Many of your know about our son Aidan’s desire to provide water for a small community in Northern Ghana. (If you’re unfamiliar, watch the quick You Tube video above.) Last year he helped raise money for a well project there, but the company could not locate a reliable water source. The nearby municipality has agreed to create a pipeline from a nearby village to Sankpem, providing fresh water. The problem is, this costs $20,000.

Aidan will be thirteen on February 11th. For his birthday, we want to give him a unique gift: money and awareness for the pipeline project. Here’s where you come in. There are several ways you can bless Aidan and the people of Sankpem.

  • Donate securely and directly at International Hope and Heritage. Under project designation, click FRESH WATER.
  • Join International Hope & Heritage’s Facebook cause. If they have 1500 members join by February 9th, a donor will donate $1000 dollars. This is an easy way for you to “donate” without having to spend funds.
  • Write a comment on this post letting us know how you’d like to help, so I can add you to the list of folks who are donating or joining the Facebook cause. (Or email me at maryedemuth at sbcglobal dot net)
  • Link to this blog, or copy this information and send it to your friends who are passionate about water advocacy.

Thanks so much. And may the Lord provide beautifully for you this week.