Daisy Chain Influencer Invitation

Feb 2, 2009Write!

My next novel, Daisy Chain, releases March 1st. I’m looking for influencers to read and review the book, pass it on, share it with Oprah, slip it to Bono, etc. You can find out more about the book here.

Here are a couple endorsements:

Every now and then a book comes along that weaves its way into your soul and takes up residence. Daisy Chain is such a book. Heartbreaking. Hopeful. And peopled with unforgettable characters–Jed, Hixon, Bald Muriel, and the irrepressible Daisy–who wind their way into your heart and won’t let go. Reminiscent of To Kill a Mockingbird, this book will leave a lasting mark on your heart and soul. Thank you, Mary DeMuth, for writing it.

Laura Jensen Walker, Author of Daring Chloe and Turning the Paige
Within a few paragraphs of Daisy Chain I found myself letting out a contented sigh. The story captured my attention from the first page, but more than that the writing has a melody to it. If words can lull one into a story, these did. Reminiscent of Peace Like a River only different, better.

Tricia Goyer, Author of ACFW Book of the Year winners Night Song and Dawn of a Thousand Nights

If you are interested, please email me (maryedemuth at sbcglobal dot net) with your full snail mail address, your name, and your email. Zondervan will send out the books soon. Thank you in advance for choosing to be a Daisy Chain influencer.

Aside: What is an influencer?

  • Someone who reads a particular book, in this case Daisy Chain.
  • If the person loves the book, he/she writes a review on Amazon, CBD.com, Barnesandnoble.com, etc. (You can write one and paste it everywhere, or simply write and post one review.)
  • Buzz about the book. Tell your BFFs about it. And even your not so BFFs.
  • Encourage your local bookstore or library to order the book.
  • Offer to read the book in your book club. (I love to speak to book clubs via speaker phone).
  • Twitter about it.
  • Facebook it.
  • Pass the book on to someone who may enjoy it.
  • Blog about the book, perhaps giving it away as a prize. (If you’re interested in doing a blog tour, email Tina at info@blogtourspot.com)
  • Buy 100,000 copies to give away as gifts to all your friends. (This one is a joke…)
  • Sing about the book in the shower. (Another joke.)
  • Holler about the book when your windows are rolled down. (Last joke, I promise.)

Anyone interested? Email me at maryedemuth at sbcglobal dot net. Don’t forget the E in maryEdemuth.