Video: An Open Letter to the Boys (Now Men) Who Sexually Abused Me

Mar 20, 2013Find joy today, Heal from the past

The idea for this came a few days ago. To read that letter I wrote on this post out loud to the boys (men, now) who sexually abused me, so you could see I’m okay. That I’m not defined by that past act, but am healed today, and am continuing to walk that path of healing.

I was surprised at how difficult this was to do. To face a camera and read those forgiveness words. Because the forgiveness words came at a price after the violation. There’s so much more to say about that story, things that will probably never reach the light of the page. I felt the weight of it as I read, knowing the nuances way down deep.

Warning: trigger alert. If you’re walking your own path of healing, I do share about what happened to me when I was five years old, not in graphic detail, but it’s still there.

My prayer: that you would see this video as an invitation to healing, to forgiveness, to being brave enough to tell your story, to find peace in the midst of chaos from the past. That’s my heart. Not to be salacious or self seeking, but to share my own journey so you won’t feel so alone.