The Kindness Bomb

May 8, 2013Find joy today


I’m not sure why, but I’ve been on the brink of tears lately—most likely because of my travel schedule and how much I feel I’m giving out. Recently I spent time with a church in the heart of the nation, an avowed farming community whose spring fields boasted nubile green wheat shoots.

Two women picked me up and drove me to the venue—a two-hour drive—and drove me back to the airport. I had a chance to mine their stories, offer pieces of my own. And in between airport taxis, I shared twice at the church, again amazed that when I tell my story, others share their own. This is humbling.

These sweet farmwomen are matter of fact, put together, connected to the earth and their families in a way I admire and long for. And yet, one by one, they whispered stories to me, of abuse, of pain, of marriage hardship. I prayed for one woman, tears spilling from both of us. Sometimes life is downright painful, and the only thing we can do is share our stories, find common ground, and pray through the pain.

I didn’t take a break upon coming home. I was supposed to, but disobeyed myself, which left me feeling overly spent, fully overwhelmed, and needy. I worked a fourteen-hour day and felt l like a zombie in the aftermath. And yet, God—who sees even the smallest things in my life—blessed me with twin kindness bombs right when the tears threatened to overtake.

From my daughter Sophie: Dear Mom, have a great day! Love, Sophie.

And then four minutes later from Julia: Have a good day, mom.

Their words were little kindness bombs dropped into my stressful, sad, teary day.

When I get like this, overwhelmed by duties and people’s needs, I worry about how I’m doing as a mom and wife. I know my family needs me to choose them, but they are often the ones I choose next to last (with me being the very last). We can be overrun by people so much so that the significant relationships in our lives suffer.

So I pray.

Jesus, I pray for me right now—me who feels unfilled and empty (and I echo this prayer for those reading this who feel the exact same way). When we get this way, we see people as a drain, not an opportunity. Help us reshift our hearts by first receiving Your fountain of living water. We are parched and needy, and You are the only One who can fill us to overflowing so Your love will pour into our family’s lives. We thank You in advance for choosing to fill us to the brim and more. Please, Jesus, help us to engage today, but not until we’ve engaged You and received Your strength. Amen.

Challenge to the uncaged:Why not send a kindness bomb today? Lob away! Bless! Change a friend’s overwhelmed day!

Question: When have you been in dire need of a kindness bomb?