I need a song

May 6, 2013Find joy today


In this attempt to simplify and hone, God has been very clear with me. He has practically hollered His message to me through several different people in my life in very specific ways. It’s time to slow down. To rest. To pray. To think. To recapture the energy I need for the next season of harvest in my life.

It reminds me of mile 11 at the half marathon I ran (er limped?) last December. Although I swore I would NOT walk, by mile eleven, my back started hurting really bad. I hadn’t anticipated that. I expected legs, knees, lungs, blisters. I had never run eleven miles in my life, so getting there, I had no frame of reference or warning that my back would scream at me.

So I walked. (sigh). Gave my ol’ back a break. But then I thought, I’d like to run the end of this race. I’d like to finish strong. And that’s when a magical song appeared on my ipod. It’s not a Jesus song, but a popular one with a raucous beat. And when it came on, off I ran. I actually pepped up, smiled, and ran like a fool. Don’t judge me, but this is the song. 🙂

I sprinted to the finish line.

I just needed a song.

So while I limp through this aspect of my life, disappointed yet hopeful, beaten down but not destroyed, small yet with a big God residing within, frail and needy, I am asking God for a song at mile 11.

And while I do that, I will ask for one for you too.

Dear Jesus, we’re limping. We’re tired. Life has beaten us down. The road feels way too long and our wherewithal is gone. We need a song, something to ignite us toward action. Something to inspire, to rouse, to regenerate. Would You be so kind as to give each and every one of us a song even this week? We need a holy beat, a melody that sparks, a hope to run to. Amen.

Has God ever given you a song? When? What happened?