Six by Six

Sep 11, 2012Find joy today, Work Uncaged

I attended the Willow Creek Global Leadership Summit at my church a few weeks ago. One thing that struck me as entirely helpful and practical was a practice Bill Hybels has been doing for several years now. He calls it his six by six list. Here’s how it works.

  • He prays and looks at his life, then asks God for guidance toward six important tasks in six weeks.
  • He writes them down on an index card, including the six-week time frame.
  • He displays the card where he can see it.
  • He accomplishes his six tasks. (And if he doesn’t, he adds the leftovers to the next 6×6).
So being the masterful listmaker that I am decided to try it. Here’s mine:

The Everything launch is ongoing and will continue through October/November. Aftermath is the tentative title about how to thrive after people poop on you. The pilgrim reference is to a novel I’m writing. The podcast is something I hope to launch this month. It’ll be called the Live Uncaged podcast (stay tuned.). Running 9 miles is part of my half marathon training. And speaking has to do with re-vamping my speaker page and information.

So far, I’m doing well on this. The podcast is almost ready to start. I’ve run 7 miles and haven’t died (yet), and I’m gathering speaking endorsements. (By the way, if you’ve heard me speak and would like to offer an endorsement, email me at I’d SO appreciate it.)

So here’s my challenge for you. Grab yourself an index card, pray, and write down six things you’ll do in the next six weeks. Your time frame will be September 11–October 23. Ready, set, go!


This is a simple request: Share your 6×6 here. Of if you choose to blog about it, share the link to your blog here and we’ll have a 6×6 party!