Prayer Request: Water

Feb 22, 2008Archive

As you may or may not know, our family is trying to go to Ghana this summer, to help fulfill our son Aidan’s dream to dig a well there. (Read the PDF here, if you’re interested in reading his very inspiring story.)

In a nutshell, Aidan helped raise the final funds to dig a well in Northern Ghana for the Sankpem community. You can imagine how sad we all were to read this disheartening email from the pastor in the area:

“The first (well-digging) attempt was made but we did not get water. At first it was so discouraging because this idea of providing them with the water well was the last hope to the Sankpem community. They went back to Kushibo and identified some points again to sink a another hole. Please continue to pray with us (Sankpem) so that God will really direct the diggers where to get water, it is so crucial to the community and their survival.”

Would you pray?

  • That God would direct the well diggers to just the right place, so water would come?
  • That God would enlarge our faith as we pray for this?
  • That God would provide the impossible amount of funds we need to go there as a family?

Thank you so much. I greatly appreciate and covet your prayers on our behalf, and on the behalf of the thirsty folks in Sankpem.