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Have an Abundant Business

Years ago, my husband and I met a friendly couple in our church who invited us to a party. As I put my coat away in their bedroom, I noticed charts everywhere tacked to the walls—proof the couple was gung-ho about a particular business venture. “I think I know why they had us over,” I […]

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10 Reasons Christians Should Read Fiction

Two years before I penned my first novel, a Breakpoint transcript dated May 23, 2000 transformed my life. In it, Chuck Colson discussed the power of fiction to change culture. He chronicled the success of Uncle Tom’s Cabin, how a simple story did more to abolish slavery than any didactic treatise. He writes, “Uncle Tom’s […]

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How to Survive Financial Crisis in Your Marriage

The neighbors behind us shared their disheartening news. “Our home is going into foreclosure,” they told my husband Patrick and me. All I could think of was this: I don’t know how they will survive this. A year later, my husband and I looked foreclosure in the eye and wondered the same thing—only we were […]

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