Overachievers: Slow Down to Celebrate Your Victories

Jun 4, 2012Heal from the past, Work Uncaged, Write!

On my run recently, I realized I’d hit some milestones. Instead of dismissing them, I spent some time thinking about what I’d accomplished. I’d had a block at three miles for so many years that I didn’t think I could run beyond that. I’d hit mile two, feel totally tired, and never take another step.

But now that I’m being proactive with Running by the Book, training first for a 10K, then a half, I’ve finally broken the barrier. I’ve run five miles without stopping. Three is no longer problematic.

As I thought about it, I realized how emaciated I am in celebrating other victories. The problem? I’m an overachiever (waving to my friend, Michael here). And the problem with overachievers is that we minimize our success, forgetting to stop and celebrate.

I believe overachievers will find a better, more sustainable pace of life if we choose to stop.

Recently, my business coach pushed back on me on this very issue. “What will be enough for you, Mary?”

I couldn’t answer. Because nothing is enough.

She then reminded me of how far I’ve come in the past two years. When she recounted the victories, it almost felt like she was talking about someone else. So much victory! So many great connections! Great contracts! She talked about a relationship I had with a “famous” person. “Mary,” she said, “Do you realize how many people would like to be in your shoes in that relationship?”

It stunned me.

She was right. I’ve been so busy chasing after achievement, that I haven’t slowed down enough to celebrate. To ponder. To thank God. To pause. To realize how far God has brought me.

When we fail to slow down, we become more prone to discouragement. We tend to minimize our victories and amplify our failures. But God calls us to rest. To remember. To celebrate. To be grateful.

How about you? How do you celebrate your victories? In the comments section, please share a recent victory so we can all rejoice alongside you.

Mine? I recently had a contract renewal from this publisher. I’m humbled and grateful and a whole slew of other adjectives.