Off to Coloradee

Moonrise Easter Morning.

Sophie ready for choir banquet.

Pippin of the woodlands.

Three children at the park. Isn’t Aidan tall?

My sweet nine-year-old daughter Julia calls Colorado, “Coloradee.” So, I’m off to Coloradee until Sunday, which means I won’t be posting here until then. I’ll be teaching and critiquing and teaching some more at the Colorado Christian Writers Conference. I have a deep sense of expectancy as I venture, believing that God has something cool for me there. I love having that kind of anticipation.
Please pray for me on Friday night, as I’ll be keynoting. I sense God will do some moving and shaking, so please pray His Holy Spirit speaks through me. Thanks so much.

Random thought: From time to time I check my Amazon ratings. I just checked. Looks like one person bought Wishing on Dandelions, since my ranking went down (you want a low ranking). So, to whoever bought that novel: THANK YOU!

Another random thought: I love dried mangoes. Wow. Talk about a little bit of chewy, orange heaven!
Last random thought: I am still mad at Myanmar. Thankfully, I found a great place to give to the effort. You can donate over at Gospel for Asia, as they have native workers in the area.
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