A Sweet Mother’s Day Greeting from Ghana

May 11, 2008Archive

I received a sweet greeting from the pastor and his wife in Northern Ghana today. Along with that and breakfast in bed, a gourmet brunch made by my husband, and a nap, I’ve had a great day. And I had nice conversations with my mom and Patrick’s mom too.

Here is what Pastor Paul wrote:

Dear Mama Mary,

I send you this Warmest regards only on Mothers day. I have sensed how good a mother you are. If not Aidan DeMuth will not be who he is, still young but that zealous for the Lord. May you live longer to see your children’s children.

May you continue to be zealous for the Lord. May you be a blessing to many generations. May you be a builder and not a destroyer. May you be like a tree planted near the waters, always green and fresh. May you be a shadow for many to rest under.

Like the eagle, May you run and not be weary, May you walk and not faint. May the wisdom of King Solomon be your portion from this day forward. You are a mother indeed, and you deserve every good thing in heaven and under the sun here.

Paul & Cynthia