Jesus bore the wrath

Jan 17, 2010Find joy today

I don’t know about you, but I don’t much like wrath. Much of my life has been spent avoiding other people’s wrath. I’m terrified of it. Anger directed toward me scares me. So today, the simple truth weaseled its way into my heart. Jesus bore God’s righteous wrath. He took it. He absorbed it. He wore it. He felt it. He experienced it.

Imagine bearing the righteous anger of God Almighty!

Jesus bore other wrath too–the wrath of fellow human beings, the wrath of the demonic hoardes. But none was so devastating as bearing His Father’s wrath.

Why am I so afraid, then? Jesus bore the most intense wrath. He took the wrath I deserved. If His sacred brow could absorb such a thing, surely I can lean on Him when others’ wrath bears down on me.

I’m resting there today, in the shelter of the One who bore the wrath.