Jam Disaster! Win a Jam-splotched copy of Everything!

Nov 12, 2012Everything book

UPDATE: We have a winner (picked by Random.org). LauraLynnBrown. Her current favorite jam comes from Alaska, orange rhubarb (yum). Laura, please email me at Mary @ MaryDeMuth.com and send your addy.

I learned a lot about you folks! Most of you love strawberry. But there were some interesting choices. Apple butter is one of my faves, and anything with berries makes me happy.


So I’m not sure how it happened, but a Jam monster fulfilled his (her?) devious plan by splatting jam on the back of one of my Everything books. Evidence:

So I’m giving it away. If you’re hungry, you can lick the back cover. The jam is from Coscto and involves cherries and pomegranate goodness.

There are two ways to win. Answer a question or tweet about the contest.

The question: What is your favorite jam? Why?

The tweet: @MaryDeMuth is giving away a slightly-jam-covered copy of #Everythingbook today. Click here: https://www.marydemuth.com/?p=14974

“And the Winner Is” will pick a winner by tomorrow. You can have a possibility of two entries. 1. Answer the jam question in the comments section. 2. Tweet about the giveaway, then let me know you did in the comments section. THANK YOU!