How I Feel

Nov 13, 2012Archive

Julia continues to improve, some days a lot, some days she goes backwards. She piled on with homework, and sometimes gets overwhelmed at the thought. We’re grateful for HOME, blessed, relaxing, beautiful home. And life goes on.

To answer your questions:

  1. No, we have no idea what this is. I’m not sure we’ll ever know.
  2. She seems to be improving, though today wasn’t a great day.
  3. Her attitude is better, and she seems to want to conquer whatever this is.

How I feel:

  1. I feel well supported by friends and church. This is the power of community.
  2. I’m humbled by your prayers and all the amazing letters you’ve sent. Please offer grace to us. Because of the volume of your care, we won’t be able to thank you individually. I want to assure you, though, that Julia reads every card. A special thanks to the children who have sent pictures, to the person who sent an afghan, and for those who sent little gifts. All have cheered her up.
  3. I feel tired. I am sleeping well, but can’t seem to feel rested.
  4. I feel anxious–helping her get the mountainload of homework done weighs on me, plus I still have a full time job to do.
  5. I feel hopeful that someday we’ll know what in the world this was. For whatever reason, God’s not letting us in on the answer.
  6. I feel a holy stirring, like this situation and a few more seem to be pointing toward the next phase of our lives. I have no idea how or why or what, but the stirring remains.
  7. I feel small as a mom, not always patient, not always supportive, not always cheery. But I’m trying (not always successfully) to ask Jesus to be my strength.
  8. I feel anxious about hospital bills, the looming tax payment, upcoming Christmas spending, etc.
  9. I feel thankful that I have a family far and wide and nearby who loves each other and loves me. I have kids who I adore, who prove that parenting teenagers is the BEST THING ON EARTH!!! Parents of toddlers, just you wait. The best is yet to come. I honestly mean that.
  10. I feel restless in my career, not in the fact that I’m supposed to be writing (I know that), but what exactly is next? Little books I write for you on this site? Another contract? Fiction?
  11. I feel the burden of loving our Life Group at church. There are so many of us walking through so much. It almost seems like our group is a target. We battle cancer, death, folks in the hospital, wayward kids, relational issues. For my husband and I to lead it feels like such a privilege, but hard too.

Thank you for loving our family well, for praying, and for understanding. We walk in the mystery, but we have hope and peace.